Knowing the Prefixes and Suffixes

In this quiz, you will learn about the basics of prefixes and suffixes. You will get to know about the many prefixes and suffixes and how they change the meaning of any word.

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When might you see a preview for a new television show?

after the show has been released

before the show has been released

Who might be retracing his steps?

a man going to a new place

a man returning home on a walk

What can a submarine do that a regular boat can't?

dive beneath the surface of the ocean

hover over the surface of the ocean

Which word is a speaker less likely to mispronounce?

a familiar word

an unfamiliar word

What might you do with a disobedient pet?

try to train it better

reward it with a treat

Which might be described as frightful?

a gingerbread house

a haunted house

Who is less skillful?

an amateur athlete

a professional athlete

When would a group of people feel powerless?

when they are constantly ignored by their government

when they are able to influence their government

Which is more visible?

artwork hung over your mantel

artwork stored in your closet

Which is solvable?

a problem that has a solution

a problem that has no solution

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