Learning the Basic Nouns

In this quiz, You will get to know about nouns. You will learn about its use in a sentence and its different types. You will also get to know about singular and plural nouns.

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Select the three common nouns.

Pizza Italia has the best pizza. The crust is crisp, and the cheese is delicious.





Type the missing word.

Mystery - y + ies = ##mysteries##


Type the missing word.

journey + s = ##journeys##


Type the missing word.

crayon + s = ##crayons##


What is the word in bold?

For some people, unfamiliar events can trigger anxiety. Other people find excitement in the unknown.

a plural noun

a plural possessive noun

What is the word in bold?

The performers' song-and-dance routine included acrobatic tricks that thrilled the audience.

a singular possessive noun

a plural possessive noun

Type the possessive form of the given noun.



Find the plural or possessive error in the given sentence.

Tolkiens successful fantasy series has had a deep influence on the entire genre since its publication

Tolkiens - Tolkien’s

series - series’

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