Spelling: Names of Endangered Animals

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This spelling lesson is themed on animals that face potential extinction in the coming future. An endangered species is a species that is very likely to become extinct in the near future, either worldwide or in a particular political jurisdiction.
1. Endangered Animals
Spelling Lesson
2. Word Within a Word
* In each spelling word, look for
a word that you already know.
Example :The words end, an,
and red can be found in the
word, endangered.
3. * Suffixes are found at the
end of a word. Finding
suffixes in your spelling
words can help you learn
to spell them.
Examples: The suffix -ing
can be found in the word
4. flying by

5. sea lion
g by me.
6. by me.

7. dreamin .
g child
over me.
8. * You can break down spelling
words into syllables.
Example : The word strutting
can be broken into two
9. green sea
g by me.

10. Which word is spelled
12. Which word is spelled
14. Which word is spelled correctly?
16. Which word is spelled
18. Which word is spelled
20. Learning new
words is fun!