Homophones: Blasting Off with Homophones! - Anchor Chart

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A condensed format of the lesson bearing the same title. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning.
Blasting Off with Homophones

Your and You're
Your — a possessive pronoun that shows
+ Your homework needs to be turned into
the tray.
You're — a contraction for “you are”
+ You're going to need to study for your
Science test.

There, Their, and They’re
There — a preposition that telling where
something is
+ Please lay the bananas over there on
the table.
Their — a possessive pronoun that shows
+ After playing in the mud, their clothes
were filthy.
They’re — a contraction for “they are”
+ They’re going to start a band.

To, Two, and Too
To — a preposition that tell direction and comes
before a noun or a verb.
+ The man needs to park his car better.
+ She is going to the airport.
Two — a word form for the number 2
+ There were two hamburgers left after dinner.
Too — a synonym for “also”
+ He wants to get an A on his spelling test, too.

Its and It’s
Its - a possessive pronoun that shows ownership
+ The toy will need its batteries changed after two
It’s — a contraction for it is
+ It’s supposed to snow today.
+ (It is) supposed to snow today.