Phonemic Awareness and Phonics: Lesson 2 - Part 1

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The objectives of this lesson are:
1) practice reading tricky words "my", "by" and "have"
2) learning to form contractions
3) reading and understanding the decodable text that has the sounds we are learning: the magical "e"
4) learning to spell and write one-syllable words using letter-sound correspondences, using the Individual Code Chart
5) answering questions that show what you know about the stories you have read
1. Unit 2
Lesson 2
A dirk arlene (ela eg
pace nn enna nnn nannnnnnnn
Read the following Tricky
Words: my, by, have

Use apostrophe to form
Read and understand
decodable text that has the
| letter sounds we are learning:
| Spell and write one-syllable
_words using the letter-sound
“correspondences, using the
Individual Code Chart
Ask and answer questions :
who, what, where, when, why,
| how), to show | remember
| the details and/or facts of a
| fiction text read.
|Why are we learning |
ine) }
a d
To be able to use strategies to H
help me read. f

0 | can read and write morceal
ike aren’t and haven't. i
Sol can read Bedtime Stories
_and other books that have
_ magic e words!
ae write or lookin my
code chart for sounds if | f
need help. !
know about stories we have

| know some words are tricky
and | can read my, by, have.
I can write words with

maaan a
recess Matta) |
_——————EEE 3
I can read the stories
independently (by myself)!
| ------_______________. 3
| can decode (sound out)
words to write.
fo 4
I can answer AND ask
questions about the story we
4. can't there’s
; he’s
let’s she’s
5. stone stone stone stone
| | Al \\ V] | | |
CV {Ww (| {Ww
\ ) \ \ / \
/ \ 1 \
Nf \ { Naf \ /
hy Wi \ lial
| | }

Individual code books page 8

~ note

10. Tricky Word: have
e Expected: the letter ‘h’ is
pronounced /h/ and the letter ‘v’ is
pronounced /v/.
*Tricky: the letters ‘a_e’ are prorigsinced
/a/, not /ae/.

11. e Expected: the letter ‘m’ is pronounced
*Tricky: the letter y is pronounced /ie/.
Tricky Word: by
e Expected: the letter ‘b’ is
pronounced /b/.
*Tricky: the letter y is pronounced Nel
(just like in my)!
Wortenesre lance 2
Put Worksheet 2.3 in your homework folders to take home.
13. Let's look at our new
chart for Unit 2!

Setting- WHERE a story happens.
Character- WHO is in the story.
Plot- WHAT happens in a story.
14. The Milk is a fable.
A fable is a story that
teaches a lesson.
We call those lessons


spilled is more commonly
used in North America

slop- leftover food fed to pigs p=
16. We will read “The Milk” to learn the
moral (or lesson) of the story. The milk
isa fable. A story that is meant to teach
us something.
Remember to use the illustrations
to help you understand the story!