Introduction to Syllable Types

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This is an introductory lesson on vowel sounds as or within words. A vowel is a syllabic speech sound pronounced without any stricture in the vocal tract.
1. Introduction to
Syllable Types
veto napkin
submit enjoy
fumble nation
2. Introduction to
Syllable Types
1. Teach children that there are 6 syllable types, and they can
be used to help them figure out how to pronounce big
2. Use the Lesson slides here to introduce the concepts.
© Open & Closed can be taught together.
© Final Stable should be taught separately.
o R-Controlled, VCe, and Vowel Team can be taught
together or separately.
3. Use the syllable word cards as examples.
3. What is a vowel?
* A vowel is a sound made by sending air
out of the mouth without closing your
mouth or moving the parts of your mouth.
ew ©@
4. What is a vowel?
* All vowel sounds are voiced, which
means you can feel the vibration of your
vocal cords if you touch your hand to
your throat.

5. What is a vowel?
* The two main types of vowel sounds are
often called short vowels and long vowels.
* These terms can be confusing because we
can’t hear any difference in the actual
length of the vowel sounds.
¢ Another name for short vowels is lax.
* Another name for long vowels is tense.
6. What is a vowel?
A good way to remember the short vowel
sounds is saying the following sentence:
Fat Ed is not up.
All the vowel sounds in this sentence are
short (or lax) sounds.
The mark that signifies a short vowel is
called a breve.
7. What is a vowel?
To remember the long (tense) vowel
sounds, just think of each letter’s name:
The mark that signifies a long vowel sound
is called a macron.
8. What is a consonant?
* A consonant is a sound made by moving
part of the mouth to touch another, such
as the lips, tongue, or teeth.
9. What is a consonant?
* Consonant sounds can
be voiced or unvoiced.
* Say each sound, and
touch your hand to your =
throat to see if these
consonant sounds are
voiced or unvoiced...

10. What is a syllable?
*A syllable is a word or a part of a
word with one vowel sound.
* A syllable can be pushed out in one
breath. Your chin will usually drop
slightly as you say each syllable in a
* Say the word for each picture and count
the syllables.
11. How many syllables?

12. Closed Syllables
* A closed syllable can only have one
* The vowel is followed by one or more
* The vowel sound is short.
hop kick fast
13. Open Syllables
* An open syllable has only one vowel.
* The vowel is the last letter in the syllable.
* The vowel sound is long.
hi go she
15. go t
16. sh_ di
17. Let’s read some bigger words
with open and closed syllables...

18. Final Stable Syllables
* A final stable syllable is just that...
* Final: It must be the last syllable of a
* Stable: It is always pronounced the
same way.
19. Final Stable Syllables
One common final stable syllable is the
Consonant-le pattern:
bugle candle
noble fumble
bubble puzzl
OFti e
20. Final Stable Syllables
Other final stable syllables include -tion, -
sion, -ture, -cian, -cious, -tious.
nation capture
sessio preciou
Fhusician = fnfectious
21. Other Syllable Types
There are 3 other syllable types:
* R-Controlled
* Vowel-Consonant-e
* Vowel Team
22. Other Syllable Types
You have already learned how to read little
words with these patterns.
*R-Controlled: fur, stir, corn

* Vowel-Consonant-e: kite, lake, vote
* Vowel Team: read, sheep, float
23. Other Syllable Types
If you see one of these patterns as a syllable
in a big word, the same rules usually apply.
* R-Controlled: marker, fortune, burden
* Vowel-Consonant-e: reptile, mistake
* Vowel Team: maintain, steamboat, power
24. R-Controlled Syllables
* Has one vowel followed by an r.
* The vowel is not long or short.
* The vowel is controlled by the r.
fur hor starte
J. n r
25. Vowel-Consonant-e Syllables
* Has a vowel, a consonant, then an e.
* The first vowel has a long sound.
* The e is silent.
rid cape mistake
fote Pete reptile
26. Vowel Team Syllables
* A vowel with another letter or letters that
makes a vowel sound.
* Vowel digraph
* Diphthong
* Vowel teams with consonant letters
27. Vowel Team Syllables
* Vowel digraph: two vowels together that
make one sound
Sail green maintain
read __ float rainbow
28. Vowel Team Syllables
* Diphthong: two vowels together that
begins with one vowel sound and glides
into another
soil clown enjoy
boy found downtown
29. Vowel Team Syllables
* Vowel teams with consonant letters (gh)
hig taught
Bught straighte
eight — Hightligh
| t
30. Multisyllable Word Practice

31. Let’s read some 2-syllable