Observational Skills: Making Inferences

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Teaching readers how to extract subtle information and deduce hidden meaning from texts.

1. Making Inferences
Readers must use clues in the
story and use what information
they Know to discover what is NOT
directly Told to us in the text.

2. Making Inferences
Clues = What I —s- What I
the text

3. Making Inferences
Sam's Favorite movie was playing at The movies.
His mom took him and his Friend To see it. As
they were walking to the theater Sam turned
To his mom and said, “When you get it can you
put extra salt and butter on it? Thanks Mom!”
What was his mom getting For
him? How do you know?

4. Making Inferences
The air was warm and Fresh. IT smelled like
salt. The sand was soft beneath their Feet and
the waves crashed on their legs. They could see
a whale surface the water. At the end of the
day they watched the sun set over the horizon.
Where are they at? How do
O you know?

5. Making Inferences
The crowd cheered as the man cracked the
whip so the lion would jump thru the flaming
hoop. Then they all laughed as they watched
Five clowns climb out of the tiny car. It was
the greatest show.
Where are the people at? How
do you know this?