Embedding MeritHub Profile in your Website

If students search for tutoring centers and if the subject they are searching for comes under your domain and you want your tutoring center to feature in the top list then you can embed your MeritHub profile link in your Website.

To Embed your MeritHub profile into your website, follow the below simple steps.

Go to the home section of your MeritHub Account and click on Admin Console.

Network Home - MeritHub (3).png

Click on the Profile option.

Admin (1).png

Now click on view public profile.

Edit Profile - MeritHub.png

Click on the get link option.

james - Senior Content Creator - India.png

Click on any of the given icons (the one you find interesting) and then copy its URL as shown in the below image.

james - Senior Content Creator - India (1).png

Finally, Embed the URL into your code and it would render on your website as shown in the below image.

Academic Support Center - Eastern Campus.png
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