What is the use of MeritHub Drive?

MeritHub drive can be used to upload, organize and store your content in the cloud and share it inside or outside of the online classroom. Everyone gets a separate personal drive in each network which further enhances the organization of files.

Each use in the organization gets his separate personal drive. This maintains content integrity and privacy. That file can be shared in the classes of that particular organization. It’s easy to search for content and share it with your learners

Learners can present their homework or assignment in the classroom. They can store important files, notes, or study material in the library and share it with instructors or fellow learners.

Each type of file got a player to show or play on any device. All players/viewers support both synchronous and asynchronous displays based on the teaching scenario. All files are converted in a format that can be consumed on the web. Apart from this, once a content resource is uploaded to the library, it can be reused for different classes.

So MeritHub drive is a way to share files in different learning activities.

Files can be shared and annotated on the online whiteboard

Teachers can share files on Whiteboard and annotate them in a synchronous way. Files saved on the drive are easily accessible and can be viewed instantly on the board. 

Files can be shown or played synchronously in the classroom. The teacher and learners see the same content at the same time in the classroom. Whenever the teacher switches the page or slide or seeks the video, all remote learners' devices switch to that particular page, slide, or frame. The teacher can share content in a single click with the students.

Real-time co-annotation is also permitted wherein the students, as well as the teachers, can annotate simultaneously. The annotated content can be saved and downloaded with the permission of the teacher. The files can be illustrated with pencil strokes, text, shapes, etc. 

The existing content can be uploaded once in the drive and can be used and shared unlimited times.

Files can be added in the sessions/classroom

Teachers can add files in courses or sessions to view them before or after the session. Students can see or play files even outside of the classroom. The files can be viewed and played on the web without downloading. Teachers can arrange files in a specific order.

Files can be embedded in quizzes and questions

A file can be attached from the drive with the question. Log Table is one such file that can be enclosed. The learners can view the file before attempting the question for reference purposes. 

Centralized repository of content for teachers

Admins can create an organization-wide shared drive that all teachers can use. Content from the shared drive can be used on the MeritHub whiteboard or in their courses. Admins can add or remove files in the shared drive.

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Gurjinder Singh