Best Free Learning Management Software for Online Teaching

Learning management software is a growing web-based application or software technology. It is mostly used by small businesses, educational institutions, and online learning-based institutions. By this, you can improve traditional educational methods as well as save money and time. Effective learning software can help you in managing your online educational activities efficiently.

In this article, we will see some best free learning management software for online teaching. 

MeritHub - []


MeritHub is one of the best learning management software freely available. It has everything you need for online teaching and learning management system. It consists of everything you need to teach in-person or remote students on a single platform. MeritHub is a globally trusted learning management system as it is used in 50+ countries. MeritHub is specifically built to provide all teaching and learning solutions that give an edge to this platform over other LMS. Some of the main features of MeritHub are following:

  • Audio/Video communication

  • Chat collaboration

  • Multiple screen sharing

  • Multiple whiteboards

  • Digital library

  • WebRTC based/no download

  • Multiple hosts/instructors

  • Multiple whiteboards

  • Mobile & iPad ready

  • Share images, ppts, multimedia files


Canvas is an open-source cloud-based learning management system specifically designed for K-5 on up through higher education institutions. It is a platform, that can be used by any size and type of educational institution from one-to-one classrooms to large universities with an incorporated virtual learning environment.


TalentLMS is another learning management software with almost all the features you need in any learning management system. It has many features like content delivery/tracking, manager portals, content creation, content libraries, customer training, and content management. You can customize your training hub by designing every detail, adding a homepage, and localizing languages for everyone.


BrainCert is another cloud-based mobile-ready learning management software. The platform includes four powerful modules in a single, unified system which include virtual classroom, courses platform, content management system, and online testing platform. It enables trainers to hold seminars online, host live conferences and engage with their learners regardless of their location in the world.


Itslearning is another mention in the list of learning management software. Itslearning provides a platform for all your online teaching needs. Some of the main features of itslearning are live conferencing, group assignments, projects, and the library. It is also made to run on mobile phones. It can also be integrated into the cloud.

Moodle - []


Moodle is an open-source learning management system that allows you to create customized courses as per your requirement. You can easily manage training programs and virtual classrooms in Moodle. Some of the main highlights of moodle are - easy user interface, personalized dashboard, peer-to-peer, and self-assessment. 


ILIAS is an open-source learning management software that offers a flexible online working and learning environment. It is another learning management software that is convincing for developing and realizing web-based eLearning. You can enjoy simple and customizable training tools and courses by installing this open-source software free of cost. 

So, that is it for this article. There is a number of free learning management software available over the internet. You must choose your Learning management software, who suits all your needs. Hope this article helped you in knowing about the best free learning management software. 

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