Difference between Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics

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1. International Journal of Engineering Research in Current Trends (IJERCT)
ISSN: 2582-5488, Volume-3 Issue-3, Jun 2021
Difference between Vedic Mathematics and
Modern Mathematics in Multiplication Algorithm
Kavita S. Chauhan, Dr Mohd. Farman Ali
Research Scholar, Department of Basic and Applied Assistant Professor of the Department of Basic and Applied
Science, Madhav University.Rajasthan. Science, Madhav University.Rajasthan.
covered the mathematics such are trigonometry geometry
Abstract: In this paper we are discussed about the methods of algebra Arithmatic physics, calculus – differtial and integral
multiplication formulas in Vedic Mathematics and Modern equations applied mathematics of various kinds dynamics
Mathematics and difference between them. Now the Vedic hydrostatics static kinematics etc.
Mathematics which was come from Vedas in 1911 to 1918 by
Jagadgurushree Bharti Krishna Tirthji in the year of 1884
to1960.By the words of Shree Bharti Krishna Tirthji that our
Mathematics is based on sixteen sutras from Atharva Vedas. It is MODERN MATHEMATICS WITH EXAMPLES:
not use only in arithmetic fundamentals but also use in the
subjects like Science, Engineering, astrology, astronomy etc. The 1) Ekadhikenapurvena: The meaning of this sutra is‟‟ by
formulas of multiplication in Vedic Mathematics is faster than one more than the previous one.‟‟
the formulas of multiplication in Modern Mathematics. We have
to search here the multiplication problems solved from each
sutras of Vedic Mathematics like Ekadhikenapurvena,
Ekanunenapurvena, Triyagbhayam, Antyoyedasake’pi, Nikhilam
Navatskramam Dasatha and Navamguna sutra. It is easy and
more useful for pupils to solve the problems regarding from
multiplication. In other ways there are many converts as magical
formulas like kilometers into meters, meters into kilometers,
Farenheitinto Celcius, kilometers into miles, kilograms into
pounds. So we have faster formulas for converting each magic
calculations. 2) Nikhilamnavatscramamdasataha: This sutra tells us
that„All from 9 and the last from 10‟.
Keywords: Vedic Mathematics, Modern Mathematics, This algorithm for multiplication is more easier, simple
multiplication algorithm, sutras, Ekadhikenapurvena,
Ekanunenapurvena, Navamguna,
and f
Nikhilamnavatscramamdasatha, triyagbhayam, atyoydasake’pi, ast trick for students to solve example like 96×94.
magical formulas, calculation, problems. Here the nearest base is=100.
96 (100-96)
1. INTRODUCTION × 94 (100-94)
Vedic COMES FROM SANSKRIT word “Vedas” its
meaning The fountain head of all knowledge.
Vedic mathematics especially in Europe the beginning of
the 20th century the system of calculation was appeared
when the time in which there was a great interest in ancient
In Sanskrit texts which are called sutras of Ganita which
contains mathematical formulas, each of none find out any
mathematics in that ganita sutras so that they are ignored
now days these types of texts we all known as vadic
mathematics. Therefore result is 96 × 94 = 9024
Now we know about the founder of Vedic mathematics This Example solved by Nikhilam method. It is also
Shree Jag ad Guru Bharti Krishna TirthjiMaharaj who solved by Triyagbhayam and Antyoyedashake‟pi sutra.
discovered the sixteen sutras of mathematics in the periods By Modern mathematics: Here first we take 6×4=24, so
of 1911 to 1918 in this six periods Shree Garuda collected carry=2, then we multiply 9×4=36, now 36+2=38.
those sutras from Atharva Vedas which one known as the 96
ancient Indian system of calculations. Now these sixteen × 94
sutras known as Vedic mathematics. These sutras are 384 → Carry = 2
coming from the Ganit Sutras which are preferred as simple 8640 → Carry = 5
system of mathematics or also known as Shulabh sutras. 9024 → Result
Our ancient culture of Sanskrit that was the sutras which are
dedicated in language of Sanskrit no one understood. Shri Then we take 6×9=54, carry=5, then multiply 9×9=81
Tirthji decoded them in to the more layer of similar sets with .now again summation of 81 and 5 we get total=86. In
various meaning and make them understandable for whole. last step summation of 384 and 8640 we get the last
By research mathematics is based on sixteen sutras or word
-formulas. These sixteen sutras from Vedic texts who
2. Difference between Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics in Multiplication Algorithm
result as =9024 which is our required answer. 3) Urdhvatriyagbhayam: The meaning of this sutra is
By Vedic Mathematics: „vertically and cross-wise‟. Here we solve the example
by Vedic Mathematics:
4 2 8 Result = 48 (Because 8 × 6 =48)
× 2 3 6 Pr.carry = 0
8 48
Carry = 4
4 2 8 Result = 36 (Because 12 + 24 = 36)
× 2 3 6 Pr.carry = 4 (By step:1)
0 8 40
Carry = 4
4 2 8 Result = 46 (Because 16 + 24 + 6 = 46)
× 2 3 6 Pr.carry = 4 (By step:2)
0 0 8 50
Carry = 5
4 2 8 Result = 16 (Because 12 + 4 = 16)
× 2 3 6 Pr.carry = 5 (By step:3)
100 8 21
Carry = 2
4 2 8 Result = 08 (Because 4 × 2 = 8)
× 2 3 6 Pr.carry = 2 (By step:4)
101008 10
By Modern Mathematics: Here first we multiply 5) Navamguna sutra: This is the one of the most rule out
428×200=85600, second step multiplication is of three rules in Vedic Mathematics. It is also an
428×30=12840, in third step multiplication is application of Vedic Mathematics. This type of method
428×6=2568, again and again we have done the applied on that number which have one multiplier as 9,
summation of 85600+12840+2568=101008, which is 99, 999…etc.
our required answer. Now we consider an example of this sutra by Vedic
4 2 8 Mathematics: Let us consider 52×9.
× 2 3 6 For calculation the first step is take 9 as (10-1).
8560 In the second step multiply 52 by (10-1).
0 By Modern Mathematics we solve this example as, We
+ 1284 multiply 2 by 9 we get carry=1 then we multiply 5 by 9
0 we get 45 now the summation of 45 and 1 we get 46 in
+ 0256 general by process we get the final answer as 468.
8 5 2
1010 × 9
08 4 6
4) Ekanunenapurvena: The meaning of this sutra is „ by 8
one less than the previous one.‟ Now solve the example Carry = 1, Result = 468
by Vedic Mathematics: Let us consider 32×99.
Now first we take 32 as (32-1) = 31… (a) 6) Antyoyedashake‟pi: This is also one of the rule of
In second step we are going to subtract 99 with the final Vedic Mathematics .In this method „The sum of last
number 99-31=68… (b) two digit of multiplier must be 10.‟
In third step we can say from (a) and (b) that our final We have consider an example of this method by Vedic
answer is 3168. Mathematics: let us consider 54×56.
By Modern Mathematics: Here first we multiply 32× The first step here we see that the sum of last two digit
90=2880, then we multiply 32×9=288. of multiplier is 4+6=10.
3 2 Now take one more digit of 5 which is 6, multiply 5 by
× 9 9 6 we get 30… (a)
2880 Then multiply second digit of first number with second
+ 0288 digit of second number is that 6×4=24 … (b)
3168 So let us join (a) and (b) we get the final result as
Now the summation of 2880 and 288 is 3168 which is
our required answer.
3. International Journal of Engineering Research in Current Trends (IJERCT)
ISSN: 2582-5488, Volume-3 Issue-3, Jun 2021
54×56=3024. mind power, anthuziasm and solving difficult problems in
By Modern Mathematics: any type of exams with high speed and in punctual time with
5 4 accuracy.
× 5 6
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4. Dhara R. Joshi, August 2017, Effectiveness of Vedic Mathematics
1) Convert Meters into Centimeters: The formula is 100n. With Multiplication of Nikhilam Sutra o Mathematics Subject In
Let us consider an example: convert 4 meter into Standard 8, International Journal of research in all subjects in multi
languages, Volume 5, Issue 8 (ISSN : 2321-2853)
centimeter we get by formula that 100×4=400.So 4 5. Dr. S. M. Khairnar, Ms. SheetalKapade and Mr.
meter=400centimeters. NareshGhorpade.“Vedic Mathematics the cosmic software fro
2) Convert Centimeters into Meters: The formula is n/100. implementation of fast algorithms”
Let us consider an example: convert 56 centimeters into 6. Archana V. Katgeri “Effectiveness of Vedic Mathematics in the
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meters we get by formula that 56/100=0.56. So 56 Scholarly Research Journal for interdisciplinary Studies.
centimeter = 0.56 meter. 7. Deepshikha Bhargava & Anita Arya “Role of Vedic Mathematics in
3) Convert Fahrenhit into Celcius : The formula is (n- driving optimal solution for real life problems” ISBN 978-93-86171-
30)/2. Where n>30. Let us consider an example: 25-2, (ESHM-17) Jan-2017, International Conference on Recent
Development In Engineering Science Humanities And Management
Convert 36 Fehranheit into Celcius we get by formula National Institute Of Technical Teachers Training And Research
that (36-30)/2= 6/2=3. So 36 Feharnheit= 3 Celcius. Chandigadh, India.
4) Convert Kilos into Pounds: The formula is 22n/10.Let 8. V.K. Gupta. “Vedic Mathematics and the Mathematics of Vedic
us consider an example: Convert 72 kilos into pounds Period – An Analysis and Application, Volume-26, July-December
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here we get by formula that(22×72)/10=1584/10=158.4 9. PatilSiddhantVitthal& Dr. Pravin Mane, VeMSC: Apllication of
. So 72 kilos=158.4pounds. Vedic Mathematics for Designing Multipliers, Squarers and Cubers.,
5) Convert kilometers into Miles: The formula is 5n/8. Let Volume-5, Issue 6, November-2019, International Journal of
us consider an example: Convert4 kilometers into miles Engineering and techniques., ISSN 2395-1303
here we get by formula that (5×4)/8=20/8=2.5 .Its
meaning is that 4 kilometers=2.5 miles.
After going to the concepts of present paper you may see the
difference between Vedic Mathematics and Modern
Mathematics in multiplication algorithm and its applications
are very easy for students for calculating of examples in
their subject of Mathematics, Physics … etc. Here we also
shown the magical formula which are useful for students in
their real life problems and they solved the problems with
this formula.
In the present report we have to consider the 6-sutras which
are the most rules of Vedic Mathematics with applications
and we have suggested this sutras with examples. We have
not proof of the other sutras of Vedic Mathematics but the
basic level of the students maintain level of 4 to 8 standard
students .We summarize this paper. The sutras are also
useful for find out squares, cubes, linear equations,
factorization, Calculus also. In present volume we have
consider short tricks, magical formula, for calculation with
logical improvement has been explained. Here we feel that
present paper can be enjoyed the readers with simple
methods in Vedic Mathematics whenever applying the
methods against the modern methods of the text books. The
reader also compare the differences between both the
methods like Vedic Mathematics and Modern Mathematics.
In general we conclude that the Vedic Mathematics in
multiplication algorithm has more abilities for improving