Growing up as Boys and Girls: Distinction Between Boys and Girls, Apparent Right From Their Growing Phase Itself

in this quiz, you will find questions based on how a girl child grows differently from a boy child in terms of facilities provided, education provided, and other basic essentialities.

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From which class did the girls and boys go to separate school in M.P.?

Class IV onwards Class VI onwards Class VII onwards Class XI onwards

What was the most important activity on an Island of Samoa in 1920s?

Fishing Farming Household work None of these

At what age did the boy in Samoa join older boys for learning outdoor jobs?

5 years 9 years 11 years 13 years

What did girls in Samoa learn after the age of fourteen years?

How to weave baskets How to grow plantation Special cooking All of these

Who has the main responsibility of housework across the world?

Men Children Women Old people

Who was Melani?

A domestic worker A factory worker A shopkeeper A teacher

What are the total number of work hours (paid) spent by women workers in Haryana every week?

23 30 19 35

Why the wages of the domestic workers are very low?

Work done by they are lesser in value They do unpaid jobs There is not much demand of their work None of these

Which one activity was not associated with the Samoan children in the 1920s?

Fishing Planting coconuts Playing cricket Looking after their siblings

How are domestic workers treated by their employers?

They are treated very well They are having facilities of elite class They are often not treated well None of these

What do you mean by the term ‘double burden’?

Working inside the house Working outside the house Both a and b None of these

What was the purpose for setting up Anganwadis in several villages ?

Adult education centres Child care centres Health centres Yoga centres

Which state has a child sex ratio below 900?

Madhya Pradesh Bihar Kerala Haryana

On which day, International Women"s Day is celebrated

8 July 8 August 8 March 8 June

The roles of men and women are:

Equally valued

Not equally valued

Of same status

None of these

Chaitanya Bhagabat is about the

Life of a politician

Life of a teacher

Life of a rich men

Life of a saint

What girls were given to play while boys were given cars?





Plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere mainly through their:





Doing household work is work or not?



Cannot say

None of these

Who can take steps, to bring gender equality?





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