Understanding Media: An Introduction to Mass Communication.

In this quiz, you will find questions related to media and how understanding media is an analysis of language, speech, and technology shape human behavior in the era of mass communication.

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Which of the following are forms of media?

T.V. Radio Newspaper All of these

Which one of the following is print media?

Newspaper T.V. Radio Television

Which has brought the world closer to us?

Television Taperecorder Typewriter None of these

Which type of media offer a large variety of information to suit the taste of different readers?

Electronic media Print media Mass media All of these

Which is the main source of income of media?

Advertisements Articles General news None of these

Government control over the media is known as:

Factdal Censorship Independence Emergency

When did India censor the media?

When there was Emergency in 1975-77 When P.M. Indira Gandhi was Assassinated When bomb blasts took place None of the above

Which word is used to refer to a T.V. or radio programme that is widely transmitted?

Publish Broadcast Censorship Public protest

On which basis are the cost of advertisement set?

Popularity of channel Popularity of product Both (a) and (b) None of these

Between which period’s media was censored in India?

1990-1992 1975-1977 1952-1954 1978-1979

Who was the inventor of mechanical television?

John Michael John L. Baird Gutenberg None of these

Which is the local newspaper written in bundeli?

Times of India Dainik paper Khabar Lahriya None of these

Objective of media are as:

Highlight the visits of a famous political party New of major political events| Separate news from opinion Highlight one side of the aspects

Media is the plural form of the word

Medium Midia Mediuom Medio

What is one positive aspect of television?

Enabled people to waste their money

Enabled ourselves as member of larger global world

Enabled people to spend their time

None of these

What is Khabar Lahriya?

Local magazine

Story book

Local newspaper

None of these

What do you mean by mass media?



Both Television and Radio

None of these

What is the consequences of the media setting the agenda by reporting on the fashion week rather than the slum demolitions?

To earn a huge amount of money

To earn the confidence

To earn the sympathy of people

None of these

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