Reproduction in Flowering Plants

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This includes Stigma, Endosperm, Anther, Stamen, Pistil, Androecium, and Style

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Among the terms listed below those that of are not correct names for a floral whorl are: (i) Androecium (ii) Carpel (iii) Corolla (iv) Sepal.

(i) and (iv) (iii) and (iv) (ii) and (iv) (i) and (iii)

Embryo sac is to ovule as is to an anther.

Stamen Filament Pollen grain Androecium.

A dicotyledonous plant bears flowers but never produces fruits and seeds. The most probable cause for the above situation is :

Plant is dioecious and bears only pistillate flowers Plant is dioecious and bears both pistillate and staminate flowers Plant is monoecious Plant is dioecious and bears only staminate flowers.

The outermost and innermost wall layers of microsporangium in an anther are respectively:

Endothecium and tapetum Epidermis and endodermis Epidermis and middle layer Epidermis and tapetum.

In a typical complete, bisexual and hypogynous flower the arrangements of floral whorls on the thalamus from the outer most to the inner most is:

Calyx, Corolla, Androecium and Gynoecium

Calyx, Corolla, Gynoecium and Androecium

Gynoecium, Androecium, Corolla and Calyx

Androecium, Gynoecium, Corolla and Calyx

Pollination in Lotus is:

By water By wind By insect All of these

Haploid plants develop by pollen are called ……..

Emasculation Parthenocarpy Androgenesis Somatic hybridization

Closed flower:

Decliny Cteistogamy Dichogamy None of these

Demerit of self pollinatlon is:

Unisexua Dichoganty Hetorostyle None of these

Which structure is not found in Angiosperm?

Archegonium Carpel Anther Magagametophyte

How many microspore mother cells are required to produce 1000 microspores/pollen grains?

100 150 200 250

Which of the following represents the female gametophyte in angiosperms?

Embryo Embryo sac Synergid Endosperm

In a breeding experiment, the selected male parent is diploid and the female parent is tetraploid. What will be the ploidy level of the endosperm that will develop after double fertilisation?

Diploid Triploid Tetraploid Pentaploid

The development of fruits without fertilisation of the ovary, is called





When the pollen of a flower is transferred to the stigma of another flower on the same plant, the process is known as





The vas deferens receives duct from the seminal vesicle and opens into urethra as:

Ejaculatory duct Efferent ductule Ureter Epididymis

Embryo sac is also known as





Route used by pollen tube for entering ovule is




Any of the above

In a fertilised embryo sac, the haploid, diploid and triploid structures are

Synergid, zygote and primary endosperm nucleus

Synergid, antipodal and polar nuclei

Antipodal, synergid and primary endosperm nucleus

Synergid, polar nuclei and zygote.

Embryo sac is called monosporic when it develops from

One of the megaspores out of the four megaspores which are derived from division of megaspore mother cell

Three megaspores

Only from two functional megaspores

None of these

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