Biotechnology and its Application

This MCQ is based on Biotechnology and its Application(The applications of biotechnology include therapeutics, diagnostics, genetically modified crops for agriculture, processed food, bioremediation, waste treatment, and energy production).

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Restriction Endonuclease used in RDT obtained from:

Plasmid Bacterial ceils Bacterophages All Prokaryotic cells

Recombinant DNA technology discovered by:

Hargobind Khoorana James D. Watsan S. Kohen and H. Boer Sulton and Boveri

Biopiracy is related to the following:

Traditional knowledge Biomolecules and Bioresources, Isolation of gene from Bioresources Bioresources All of the above

Some bacterial occured B-7 Toxin’s crystal not kill the Bacteria because of:

Bacteria is Antoxin Toxin is unripened Toxin is inactive Bacteria enclosed toxin a special sell

Desired properties plants and Animals are possible by Which reproduction.

Genetic Engineering Chromosomal Engineering Ekabana technology Bonsai technology

C-peptide of human insulin is:

A part of mature insulin molecule Responsible for formation of disulphide bridges Removed during maturation of pro-insulin to insulin Responsible for its biological activity.

GEAC stands for:

Genome Engineering Action Committee Ground Environment Action Committee Genetic Engineering Approval Committee Genetic and Environment Approval committee.

a-1 antitrypsin as:

An antacid An enzyme Used to treat arthritis Used to treat emphysema.

A probe which is a molecule used to locate specific sequences in a mixture of DNA or RNA molecules could be:

A single-stranded RNA A single-stranded DNA Either RNA or DNA Can be ss DNA but not ss RNA.

———– is used as a vector for cloning into higher organisms



Salmonella typhimurium

All of these

Which bacterium is used in the production of insulin by genetic engineering?





Restriction endonuclease is employed for cutting

Double strand DNA

RNA fragment


A single strand DNA

Production of human protein in bacteria by genetic engineering is possible because

Genetic code is universal

Bacterial cell can undertake RNA splicing

Mechanism of gene regulation is identical in humn and bacteria

None of these

Some of the characteristics of Bt cotton are

High yield and production of toxic proteins ceystals which kill dipteran pests

High yield and resistance to bollworms

High yield and resistance to bollworms

All of these

Bt cotton is not:

A GM plant

Insect resistant

A bacterial gene expression system

Resistant to all pesticides.

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