Human Health and Diseases

This MCQ is based on Human Health and Diseases(The discovery of antibiotics, synthetic plant-derived drugs, anesthetics has changed medical practice on one hand and human health on the other hand. The life expectancy of human beings has dramatically changed over the years. Agricultural practices, food processing, and diagnostics have brought socio-cultural changes in human communities).

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The immunoglobulin abundant in colostrum, is

Ig D Ig A Ig G Ig M

AIDS caused by:

By fungus By Virus By Bacteria By Helminthes

Immune deficiency symdrome is caused by:

Defected liver Defected thymus AIDS Virus Loss of Immune system

Opium is:

Hemp Charas Heroin Nicotin

AIDS occur by which cause?

Reduction of T-Helper cells Reduction of Killer T-cells Auto immune Less production of interferon

The term ‘Health’ is defined in many ways. The most accurate definition of the health would be:

Health is the state of body and mind in a balanced condition Health is the reflection of a smiling face Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being Health is the symbol of economic prosperity.

The chemical test that is used for diagnosis of typhoid is:

ELISA Test ESR Test PCR Test Widal Test.

Diseases are broadly grouped into infectious and non-infectious diseases. In the list given below, identify the infectious diseases. (i) Cancer (ii) Influenza (iii) Allergy (iv) Smallpox.

i and ii ii and iii iii and iv ii and iv

The sporozoites that cause infection when a female Anopheles mosquito bites a human being are formed in:

Liver of human RBCs of mosquito Salivary glands of mosquito Intestine of human.

The organisms which cause diseases in plants and animals are called:





Diacetyl morphine is commonly known as





Use of anti-histamines and steroids gives a quick relief from





The letter T in T-lymphocytes refers to





In the immune system, interferons are a part of

Physiological barriers

Cellular barriers

Physical barriers

Cytokine barriers.

Pain-killer drugs:

Makes Tissue

Relieve from pain

Relieve from tired

Pain creater

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