Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

This MCQ is based on Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production(Biological principles as applied to animal husbandry and plant breeding have a major role in our efforts to increase food production. Several new techniques like embryo transfer technology and tissue culture techniques are going to play a pivotal role in further enhancing food production).

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The species of Saccharum (sugarcane) originally grown in North

S. munja. S. officinarum. S. barberi. All of these.

Zoological name of Indian buffalo is:

Bubalus bubalus Bos indicus Bos taurus Gallusgallus

The best milk breed in the world is:

Chittgong Deoni Holstein-Friesian Sindhi

There crops that contribute maximum to global food grain production are :

Wheat, rice and maize Wheat rice and barley Wheat, maize and sorghum Rice, maize and sorghum

The world’s highly prized wool yielding ‘Pashmina’ breed is :

Sheep Goat Goat-sheep cross Mashmir sheep-Afghan sheep cross

Both in callus and suspension culture commonly used auxin is:

NAA IEA 2-4D Abscisic acid

Which one of the following is a marine fish?

Rohu Hilsa Catla Common carp.

Which one of the following products of apiculture is used in cosmetics and polishes?

Honey Oil Wax Royal jelly.

Inbreeding is carried out in animal husbandry because it:

Increases vigour

Improves the breed

Increases heterozygosity

Increases homozygosity.

The chances of contracting bird flu from a properly cooked (above 100°C) chicken and egg are:

Very high




A group of animals which are related by descent and share many similarities are referred to as:





Inbreeding is carried out in animal husbandry because it

Increases vigour.

Improves the breed.

Increases heterozygosity.

Increases homozygosity.

Breeding of crops to increase the levels of essential nutrients, is called





Viral disease-free plants are obtained through

Anther culture.

Shoot meristem culture.

Ovary culture.

Leaf-cell culture.

The technique of obtaining a large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is known as

Organ culture.


Plantlet culture.


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