Academic Reading Passage-7

This is an MCQ quiz for IELTS, which includes questions on the Academic Reasoning in which questions are to be answered based upon the given passage.

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Which is considered to be the most evocative era in the history of poetry? 


Metaphysical poets

Elizabethan & Shakespearean Era

Romantic Movement 

In which century did a group of poets create a new mood in literature? 

15th & 16th century 

Late 18th century 

Late 18th & early 19th century 

None of the above 

How many poets were the main constituents of the Romantic Movement? 

Six poets

Five Poets

A group of 7 poets

Three poets

What is considered to be one of the most critical attributes of romantic poets? 

Descriptive imagery

Choice of meter


Emotions & Intentions 

What elements were important for poets to explore their feelings? 




All of the above

Which of the following poet is one of the main constituents of the Romantic Movement?

Varn Hussen

Bryn Taylor

John Keats

Amada Keats

One of the most evocative eras in the history of poetry must surely be that of the Romantic Movement. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, a group of poets created a new mood in literary objectives, casting off their predecessors’ styles in favor of a gripping and forceful art that endures with us to this day. Five poets emerged as the main constituents of this movement – William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Gordon Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John Keats. The strength of their works lies undoubtedly in the power of their imagination. Indeed, imagination was the most critical attribute of the Romantic poets. Each poet had the ability to portray remarkable images and visions, although differing to a certain degree in their intensity and presentation. Nature, mythology, and emotion were of great importance and were used to explore the feelings of the poet himself.

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