Academic Passage Reading-13

This is an MCQ quiz for IELTS, which includes questions on Academic Reading in which multiple choice questions are to be answered on the basis of the passage given.

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Why is managing hazards essential in industrial or manufacturing workplaces? 

For well-being and protection of the workers

For health reasons

For workplace safety 

All the above 

According to the passage, how many stages should hazard management undergo? 

Five distinct stages 

More than five stages 

Almost five different stages 

More or less than five stages 

What is the first step of a hazard management plan? 

Evaluate the risks involved 

Analyze the harm

Both A & B

Recognize the risks involved

What are the risks involved in an industrial accident? 

Injuries to the workers

Enormous impact on the economy 

Loss of productivity 

Both A & C 

According to the passage, on what basis has the government imposed strict regulations on the industries? 

Danger to the life of workers

Failing to observe hazards 

Recognition of threats 

None of the above 

Which sector is specifically taken up in the passage?





In many industrial or manufacturing workplaces, managing hazards is essential for a successful health and safety system. Hazard management is an ongoing process that goes through five different stages, with each step becoming a stage on a tire hazard management plan. The first step is to identify potential hazards, remembering that hazards are classed as anything that could potentially cause harm not only to people but also to the organization. To illustrate, an industrial accident can cause an injury to employees, but can also result in lost production, broken machinery, and wasted resources for the company, In many cases, local and national government legislation has strict regulations concerning hazard identification, and in many industries, especially those perceived to be dangerous, severe penalties can be incurred by companies overlooking such hazard identification.

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