Academic Reading Passage-9

This is an MCQ quiz for IELTS, which includes questions on Academic Reading in which multiple choice questions are to be answered based on the given passage.

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Which island has become the second most popular tourist destination? And Why?

Bora Bora, for its soft white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, sapphire blue skies, and seclusion.

Cuba, for its good climate, beaches, Georgian style architecture, and distinct cultural history.

Maui, for its world-famous beaches, the sacred Iao Valley, views of migrating humpback whales (during winter months), farm-to-table cuisine, and the magnificent sunrise and sunset. 

Tahiti, for its Calm blue lagoons, white-sand beaches, friendly people, swaying coconut trees, and black pearl farms. 

What was the name of the Cuban president’s brother, who started the initiative of herbal medicine in Cuba? 

Gaston Browne

Hubert Minnis

Johnny Briceno

Raul Castro

What does ecotourism bring to a place?

It provides educational and cultural exchange opportunities. 

It enhances ecological  sensitivity. 

A and B  

None of the above

What do the students learn in the school at Las Terrazas Ecotourism community? 


Herbal healthcare

Ayurvedic Healthcare


Why is ecotourism important in Cuba? 

It is one of the main sources of revenue in Cuba. 

It has the potential to alleviate poverty by creating more jobs

Both A & B

None of the above 

Which is now the second most popular tourist destination.

New York


Hong Kong


An educated population and improved infrastructure of roads and communications add to the mix. In the Caribbean region, Cuba is now the second most popular tourist destination. Ecotourism is also seen as an environmental education opportunity to heighten both visitors’ and residents’ awareness of environmental and conservation issues, and even to inspire conservation action by providing opportunities for educational and cultural exchange. Tourists’ safety and health are guaranteed. Raul Castro, brother of the Cuban president, started this initiative to rescue the Cuban tradition of herbal medicine and provide natural medicines for its healthcare system. The school at Las Terrazas Eco-Tourism Community teaches herbal healthcare and children learn not only how to use medicinal herbs, but also to grow them in the school garden for teas, tinctures, ointments, and creams. In Cuba, ecotourism has the potential to alleviate poverty by bringing money into the economy and creating jobs. In addition to the environmental impacts of these efforts, the area works on developing community employment opportunities for locals in conjunction with ecotourism.

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