Academic Reading Passage-11

This is an MCQ quiz for IELTS, which includes questions on Academic Reading in which questions are to be answered on the basis of the passage given.

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When was the first primitive telescope invented? 

Late 1700s

Early 1600s



What did Galileo want to know? 

Tools used in the making of a refracting telescope

How many magnification lenses was used 

Both A & B

None of the above

How many magnification lenses were used by Galileo in the manufacturing of telescopes? 

Less than 30 lenses

Exactly 30 lenses 

More than 30 lenses

Nearly 30 lenses 

What enabled Galileo to see the moons of Jupiter through his telescope? 

Good quality lenses

Scientific examination

Both A & B 

None of the above

How many hours did it take for Galileo to develop an improved telescope? 

Around 24 hours 

Exactly 24 hours 

More than 24 hours 

Less than 24 hours 

Which Scientist/astronomer is given discussed in the passage?





The first telescopes built in the early 1600s were very primitive inventions allowing the user to see around 3-times further than the naked eye. It was not too long, however, until Italian astronomer Galileo heard about the invention ‘that through use of correctly-positioned lenses, allowed people to see things a long way away. The tools used in the manufacturing of the first refracting telescope were all Galileo needed to know and within 24 hours he had developed a better one. In fact, the process of improvements Galileo made on Lippershey’s telescope was quite dramatic. Whereas the original version had a magnification of 3, the new telescope had a magnification of around 30. Galileo achieved these extraordinary results by figuring out the combination of the positions of the lenses and also by making his own lenses that were of better quality. Although he originally thought they were stars, the better quality lenses – and some scientific analysis – enabled him to eventually use his telescopes to see the moons of Jupiter. Galileo’s refracting telescopes – so-called due to the way they handled the light that passed through them – were the standard at that time.

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