Academic Reading Passage-1

This is an MCQ quiz for IELTS, which includes paragraph based questions on Academic Passage Reading and answering questions based on the passage.

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Young children are making criminologists nervous because

The general crime rate in the US is:



not changing

The age group which commits the highest rate of crime is:

14 - 17

18 - 24

24 +

James Fox believes that the improvement in crime figures could:

make us complacent in the fight against crime.

result in an increase in teenage violence.

result in a decrease in teenage violence.

According to paragraph 3, the government:

is doing everything it can to solve the problem.

is not interested in solving the problem.

is not doing enough to solve the problem.

In comparison with James Fox, Michael Tonry is:

more pessimistic.

less pessimistic.

equally pessimistic.

Jonathan Kozol believes that

there is no solution to the problem.

employment and education are not the answer.

employment and education can improve the situation.

Professor DiIulio thinks that spending on the social program:

should continue as it is

should be decreased.

is irrelevant to crime rates.

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