Top Alternatives to Zoom for Online Teaching and Live Classes

In recent times, Online teaching has evolved and become the new trend. Many teachers and educational institutions have adopted this new normal. Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for teaching in an online class. Though Zoom is among some popular platforms yet it has some cons that will open the doors for you to look for some alternatives to it. 

In this article, we will look for some top alternatives to Zoom for online teaching and live video conferencing. 


MeritHub is one of the best platforms for online teaching. You can also consider it as a top alternative to Zoom. In MeritHub, there are a number of features available, you need for online teaching. MeritHub is better than many meeting tools because it is specifically for educational purposes. You can get everything here, you want for taking an online class. Features available in MeritHub are the following.

You can use audio/video communication, the chatbox is also available in which you can arrange group chats, students can also ask doubts privately.

Multiple screen sharing, multiple whiteboards, multiple hosts, and multiple moderators feature is also available in MeritHub.

One class can extend up to 90 minutes. MeritHub can be used on mobile as well as PC. 

MeritHub also provides you a digital library in which you can share any videos, PPTs, documents publicly or privately.

Here you can schedule one-to-one classes, group classes, and one-time classes.

MeritHub provides you with full classroom controls to easily manage your class.


Google Meet

Google Meet could be your top priority for online classes and live video conferencing in place of Zoom. It is a free platform for teaching online classes and video conferencing. It is available for smartphones, tablets, and computers. It has features like live cations, recording meetings, whiteboard, screen sharing, etc. it allows 100 people for up to 60 minutes. It can be easily integrated with other Google apps like the classroom, calendar, and Gmail. 


Microsoft Teams

It is another good alternative to Zoom. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in office 365. It is also a free platform for teaching online classes and video conferencing. It has some different features from Zoom. In Microsoft Teams, the live video conferencing limit is up to 30 hours. Maximum 50 people can attend together in this. It provides a file storage option of up to 2 GB. And it also has integration with Microsoft Office apps. 



Skype is a free communication platform that allows you to make calls, video conferences, and send instant messages. Skype can be used on phones as well as on PCs. You can host 50 people on Skype with no time limit. Live subtitles and call recording feature is available in Skype. Skype could be a great alternative to Zoom if you are on a budget and just need some basic features for video conferencing. Skype offers the best video and audio quality if you have decent network connectivity. 



Cisco WebEx is another full-featured platform, you can consider as an alternative to Zoom. It consists of many must-required features for online teaching and video conferencing. Up to 100 people can attend the meeting with no time limit. It also can be used by phone as well as PC. In WebEx, you can easily present your screen, get a recording of the class, and see the attendance chart after the class.



JioMeet is a unique platform with some different features and can be considered as an alternative to Zoom. JioMeet is designed to work on any device or any operating system. It has features of recording meetings, scheduling meetings, and screen sharing. In JioMeet you can manage video quality before starting any meeting. Meetings in JioMeet are password-protected so, no one can join meetings without the permission of the host. It has an easily accessible automatic user-friendly interface.



Discord is an open-source platform specifically built for those who do live streaming. You can think of it as an alternative to Zoom. In discord, you can easily create text channels for group conversations for particular topics. By creating voice channels, you can arrange group discussions. Discord has a feature, Go-live by this you can take classes of up to 50 students. And you can use Discord on phones as well as PCs. 


YouTube Streaming

YouTube is a free platform for live streaming. You can consider this also to Zoom alternative. In YouTube streaming, you do not have so many features but still, it is an easily accessible platform for both of you and your students. Students can ask doubts in the comment section. And if anyone is not able to join the live class, he can watch it after the class anytime. 



GoToMeeting is another platform in the list of alternatives to Zoom. You can consider it as an alternative to Zoom in many aspects like secure content sharing, audio security, passcode-protected meetings, encrypted video, and meeting lock. It can be used on phones as well as PCs. It works well even in poor network connectivity.



WhereBy is another mention in Zoom’s top alternatives. It is a web-based platform same as Zoom but also has some differences from Zoom. WhereBy allow up to 50 participants in any video conferencing in its paid version. It is an easy-to-use platform but it lacks in recording ability. WhereBy is a quick and efficient video conferencing platform. 

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