How to Share Screen in the MeritHub Virtual Classroom

Once a session is live, you can share your screen with the participants by clicking on the plus icon in the topmost row. Click “Screen”.

Now you have three options on how you want to share your screen. The first one is the “Entire screen” in which everything is shared i.e; in whichever browser you are or in whichever tab you are, everything will be rendered on the shared screen.

If you want to share the entire screen, click in the middle of the screen then the “Share” button will be enabled.

Screenshot (971).png

The second option is “Window” which is application-specific i.e; if you share in chrome and select Windows option, then in whichever tab you switch in the chrome that will be rendered but not any other application will be rendered like firefox or web explorer, etc.

Screenshot (976).png (760×671).png

The last option is “Chrome Tab” in which you can select a specific chrome tab and only that tab would be rendered on the shared screen, no matter on which tab you are currently in.

In all the three above options you can also select whether you want to share tab audio or not. Finally, click on the share button.

Screenshot (977).png (757×672).png
Screenshot (978).png (753×671).png

At any point in time if you want to stop screen sharing just press the “Stop sharing” icon in the top row as shown in the below image. You have to explicitly close the tab of your name.

Screenshot (979).png (1161×953).png
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