How to Enable Waiting Room in MeritHub Virtual Classroom

What is a waiting room in a virtual classroom?

Virtual classroom waiting room functionality enables the host/teacher to choose who will enter the class and who will not be allowed to join in. Once the function is enabled and the teacher is in the classroom, everyone who wants to join the classroom first has to wait in the waiting room until the teacher admits some or all of them in the class.

To enable the waiting room in MeritHub’s virtual classroom, go to the settings tab and enable the waiting room as shown in the below image.

Once the functionality is enabled, you will get a notification when someone wants to join the classroom, and it’s your choice if you want to allow him/her or not. If you want to allow then simply click on the allow option in the notification as shown in the below image.

If you miss this notification, all the people who are waiting will be listed in the people tab. You can allow or deny their entry into the classroom.

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