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Evolution of Vedic Mathematics,
Features of Vedic Mathematics,
(i) Coherence,
(ii) Flexibility,
(iii) Mental, Improve Memory,
(iv) Promotes Creativity,
Importance of Vedic Mathematics,
Vedic Mathematics in Modern Times,
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Dr. Shruti Rani
Asstt. Prof.of Mathematics
Vaish College,Bhiwani,Haryana
A Mathematician, Scientist “Simeon- Devis Poission” in between (1781-1840) stated as:
Life is good
For only two things
Discovering mathematics
And teaching mathematics
Also according to Father of Vedic Mathematics, Swami Bharti Krishan Tirthaji,
“Be a human calculator using Vedic Mathematics shortcuts”.
For gratifying the paramount value of Vedic Mathematics in the evolution of the social-club, it is very
essential to have a better understanding of the following:-
(i) What is religious writing or sacred text?
(ii) What is the grandness of Vedic Mathematics?
(iii) What is its development?
(iv) What is the function of Vedic Mathematics for changing or growth of society?
The answers of each and every these questions are very difficult to delimit. These are elaborate clarification,
some first class on this subject but inevitably, even the high grade accounts give incomplete answer. So this
paper tries to find the answer of all these questions with the title “Paramount Value of Vedic- Mathematics in
Modern Era”
Keywords- Vedic Mathematics, Features, Characteristics, Importance, Evolution
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Vedic- Mathematics is the core foundation of India`s civilization & prosperous heritage land of millions, India
has contributed largely in the area of Science and Mathematical process. Vedic Mathematics is one such
conception that has been presented by Indian Mathematician. Vedic-Mathematics is a unparalleled or single
past scheme which assists to execute out over-long, tiring, exhausting and unmanageable mathematical
procedure in uncomplicated manners. There are four vedas written in ancient times –Rigveda,
Samveda,Yajurveda and Atharveda.
The Rigveda is one of the four canonical sacred texts of Hinduism known as Vedas. This text
has a collection of 1028 Hymns and 10600 verses.
Samaveda is the liturgical collection of melodies and chants or storehouse of knowledge of
chants. It is an ancient Vedic Sanskrit text whose 1875 verses are originally taken from the Rigveda. The
textual matter of Samaveda is larger because it listing all the religious song and rites concerned mark or account
modifications of the verse.
Yajurveda from Yajus meaning “Prose Mentra”. It is an ancient Vedic Sanskrit text-matter and
one of the four Vedas. The Yajurveda is generally classified into two main parts- One is “black”(Krishana)
which implies “the dis-arrangement, undefined, confusing, heterogeneous aggregation of verses. On the other
hand second is “White” which indicates the “well-arranged, defined, homogeneous and clear”.
Atharveda is the process for day to after life or everyday life. It is self- possessed in vedic
Sanskrit and it is aggregation of 730 hymns with 6000 mantras (approximately).Erstwhile Atharveda is called
the “Veda of magical formulas”.
So Vedas are the bigger construction of knowledge of texts matter initiating in the past Indian
subcontinents. With the help of these great works in Vedas we can get answer to any questions. Because of
these characteristics, Vedas are very popular in the Western Countries.
Evolution of Vedic Mathematics-
When we unfurl or straighten out the pages of Indian History we found many extensive uncovering discoveries,
inventions. Vedic Mathematics, as the name indicates that it is an ancient mathematics written in our Vedas.
Vedic mathematics was re-observed by his Holiness Shri Bharati Krishan Tirthaji Maharaj (Mar 1884-
Feb1960). He was very good in subjects like Mathematics, Science and Sanskrit language. He has also interest
in spiritualism and mediation. Swami Bharathi Krishan Tritha deduced 16-sutras and 13-upnishad sutras those
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can be applied World-wide in individual mathematics subject area of mathematics. These sutras operate on
realistic principles. Vedic - Mathematics is the aggregation of sutras of measuring amount and order of
magnitude. It brings out invisible patterns that assist us to interpret the world around us. We can explain the
definitions of Vedic-Mathematics in different ways but no one definition of Vedic Mathematics is universally
accepted. According to Tirthaji Vedic Mathematics is a surprisingly compress and effective system of
calculation. When once we have well-read the 16-sutras by heart, we can resolve any very difficult questions by
Veda is a Sanskrit word which mean, “knowledge”. Vedic Mathematics covering a large number
of many streams of Mathematics. Conception of Vedic Mathematics is supernatural and uncomplicated to
interpret. It makes calculation easy and the tricks are just supernatural.
In a easy way we conclude that Vedic Mathematics has developed from 16-sutras and 13-
subsutras is a particular area of it, from which another stems of mathematics are developed. It is a systemized,
well-organized and a perfect branch.
Features of Vedic Mathematics-
There are many features of the Vedic Mathematics which differentiate notable with conventional mathematics.
The main features are:
(i) Coherence- It is the most striking characteristics of Vedic Mathematics. In place of a mishmash
incompatible techniques or methods the entire set-up is superbly interconnected and integrated;
the unspecific multiplication method e.g. is easy or simple turned back to permit single one –line
divisions and the easy squaring techniques can be turned back to provide one-line square root.
This integrating quality is very simply to interpreted and satisfying. It constructs mathematics
simple or uncomplicated, pleasurable and promoted innovation.
(ii) Flexibility- The Vedic set-up of Mathematics observed unspecific techniques and un-necessary
to state that they e`er work wonders. The set-up observes various limited methods to resolve
layout of calculations. We can fetch up expressing numbers in more than one way and we can
perform more than one pattern at same period of time. The Vedic Mathematics does not assert
on a strictly analytical approach as numerous recent teaching techniques. With this prospect of
flexibility which sum up to the amusing factor in practicing. This turns leading to the
advancement and creativeness among educatee.
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(iii) Mental, Improve Memory- Vedic Mathematics stands that the calculation can be done
intellectually. Here educatee can discover their personal technique. It built memory and
outstanding mental ability.
(iv) Promotes Creativity- Vedic Mathematics promotes students to be incentive in doing their
Mathematics. Being naturally creative students like to formulate their own goal or methods of
solutions. The Vedic set-up trys to cultivate institution having writing proofread or justify of a
technique before hand is not necessary in Vedic methodological analysis.
Importance of Vedic Mathematics-
We are livelihood in the era of terrific sum of contest and Vedic Mathematics techniques become a boon for all
the contests for us. Today`s Mathematics, a difficult subject needed higher sum of attempts in learning.
Mathematics can be picked up and mastered with minimal attempts in a very short period of time and can be
interpreted into a playful and blissful subject with the help of Vedic Mathematics. The various benefits of Vedic
mathematics are:
(i) It decreases the burden of recalling of large sum of information because it needs you
to memorize table’s upto 9 only.
(ii) It works as a instrument for minimizing finger counting and scratch text.
(iii) It plays an important role in maximizing strengthening or concentration as well as rising self-
(iv) It is very simple, undeviating, totally unconventional, original and straight forward.
(v) It promotes mental calculations.
(vi) It increases our understanding of Mathematics and able to see links and continuity between
various stems.
(vii) Vedic mathematics set-up also gives us a fixed verification set operations for non-dependent
cross-checking of whatever we do.
(viii) It holds our mind wakeful and this is due to its component of selection and flexibility.
(ix) Holistic advancement of human mind takes place through Vedic Mathematics along with Multi-
dimensional thinking.
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Vedic Mathematics in Modern Times-
Vedic mathematics is one of the most natural ways of working and can be learnt with very little efforts and
also within a very short span. Because of its shortcuts methods, it raises the speed of doing calculations.
Vedic Mathematics support us to solve a question within a few seconds and it build well-qualified and more
confident for competing exams like bank or SSC exams. Vedic Mathematics is a group of techniques/
Sutras to resolve numerical arithmetical in a simple and faster way. Even now, in the 21 th century, Vedic
Mathematics continues to be the center of attention and researches spanning across the globe. Easy
applications of the sutra are being propounded by theorists that can help students solve problems related to
Calculus and Geometry.
In modern times, many students are resorting to the use of Vedic mathematics; especially
the ones who sought to appear for competitive exams. The sutras help in solving a lot complicated problems
easily. Vedic Mathematics offer students the extra edge that general mathematics might not be able to
provide them with. Even scientists from NASA have applied certain principles of Vedic mathematics in a
realm of artificial intelligence because of it versatility in nature. Then Vedic Mathematics is supposed to be
a blessing of Vedas for the entire humanity.
Conclusion- All the above mentioned points or factors adequately throw a large attention on the concept
that the mathematical skill explained in the vedas and upvedas can entirely
efficaciously to workout the over-long, tiring, exhausting and tough questions that used to arise. In India,
people were less conscious of Vedic mathematics. For many educatee and particularly for those
precipitating from the rural field and who are basically first born contemporizes learners, preparing to
remove the mathematical subjects from the course of study, educators should focus on that how to make it
more fascinating, favourable and inventive for the students and so. This changes listeners to practice
mathematical skill more efficaciously and profitably. This will make nourish their personality and
contribute in their all around development as useful citizens of the country. India has also understand the
paramount value of Vedic mathematics in modern era.
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