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1. Electricity Year 6
Key Vocabulary Key Knowledge
circuit A path that an electrical current
Components of a Circuit and Their Symbols
can flow around.
symbol A visual picture that stands for
something else.
(indicator) wire
cell/battery A device that stores chemical
energy until it is needed. A cell is a
single unit. A battery is a collection
of cells. lamp/bulb
current The flow of electrons, measured
in amps.
amps How electric current is measured. (open)
voltage The force that makes the electric
current move through the wires. M
The greater the voltage, the more
current will flow. buzzer
resistance The difficulty that the electric
current has when flowing around cell
a circuit.
electrons Very small particles that travel
around an electrical circuit.
To look at all the planning resources linked to the Electricity unit, These symbols can be used to create electrical circuit diagrams.
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2. Electricity Year 6
Key Knowledge
What will make a bulb brighter or a Series Circuit
buzzer louder? A circuit that has only one route for the current to take. If more bulbs or
• More batteries or a higher voltage create more buzzers are added, the power has to be shared and so they will be dimmer or
power to flow through the circuit. quieter. If just one part of this series circuit breaks, the circuit is broken and
• Shortening the wires means the flow of current stops.
the electrons have
less resistance to
flow through.
More comp
sharing les ents
s power.
A broken c
with no ele uit
What will make a bulb dimmer or a ctrical
buzzer quieter?
• Fewer batteries or a lower voltage
give less power to the circuit.
• More buzzers or bulbs mean the power
is shared by more components.
• Lengthening the wires means the
electrons have to travel through more