Distance, Time and Velocity

In this quiz, different questions related to distance, time and, velocity are asked. The quiz includes various multiple choice questions and students will be provided any of the two values and they have to find the value of remaining element among the speed, distance or time.

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A skydiver fell directly toward Earth at a constant velocity for 1.5 seconds. He fell 87 meters in that time. What was his velocity?

##58## meters per second directly towards earth


In a lake, a remote-controlled submarine moved towards the east at a constant velocity. It moved 2,000 centimeters in 25 seconds. What was its velocity?

##80## centimeters per second towards the east


For 10 seconds, a caterpillar crawled directly toward a plant at a constant velocity. It crawled 80 millimeters in that time. What was the caterpillar's velocity?

##8## millimeters per second directly towards the plant.


A tuna swam 8.4 meters directly toward a fishhook at a constant velocity. It took the tuna 6.0 seconds to swim that distance. What was the tuna's velocity?(Write to the tenths place)

##1.4## meters per second directly towards the fishhook


 Find out the distance covered when speed is 60 km/hour and time is 2 hours. 

60 km

80 km

100 km

120 km

A girl cycles for 2hrs at a speed of 40 km/h. What distance did she travel?

##80## kilometers


The distance between two cities is 144km, it takes me 3hours to travel between these cities. What speed did I travel at?

##48## kilometers per hour


A mouse runs a distance of 120 centimeters in 15 seconds. What is its speed?

##8## centimeters per second


Mr. Dunn drives 64.8km from work at a speed of 48km/h. Mrs. Dunn drives 81.2km from work at a speed of 58km/h. They both leave work at the same time. Who arrives home first?

Mr. Dunn

Mrs. Dunn

How long does it take to drive a distance of 260 miles at a speed of 65mph?

##4## hours

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