How to use Microsoft Team to deliver online classes

Set up your Classes and Channels in Microsoft Teams

If you are looking to use Microsoft Teams effectively for your classes, these steps will help you set up your Classes and Channels. This video will go through what communication in Teams and Channels looks like and how your students can benefit from this integrated environment.

How to schedule classes in Microsoft Teams

You can schedule your Video Conferences and online live meetings ahead of time. Not only do they get shared in the calendar, but they will also send notifications to the students.

How to use Microsoft Teams for Remote and Online Teaching

Using Microsoft teams for effective remote and online teaching.

How to record your Teams Classes (and share the recording)

Recording your online Meetings in Microsoft Teams is very easy. You can record your classes, trim the video and share it with your students all in one! Super easy to get started, secure and all integrated within Teams.

How to stop students from removing or muting others in Microsoft Teams

If you are using Microsoft Teams for online teaching, you want to make sure your participants and attendees can not remove the teacher or each other during your meeting. In addition to this you can make sure they do not mute each other and all settings are working as you expect.

How to take Class notes or Meeting Minutes in Microsoft Teams

Taking notes or minutes during a Teams meeting can be very important. This video will show you how to collaborate on notes and keep them clearly visible during the meeting.

How to use assignments in Microsoft Teams

In this video on Microsoft Teams, we look at everything there is to learn about assignments in Microsoft teams.

How to use Forms with Microsoft Teams

This video will give you an overview of how to use Microsoft Forms in Microsoft Teams. Create Forms inside Teams or add them to your teams later. It's all possible with Forms and Teams Together.

How to create a Poll in Microsoft Teams

Did you know there is more than one way to create a poll in Teams? In this video let’s look at Microsoft Polls and Microsoft Forms to create a quick Poll in Microsoft Teams.

What is OneNote Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams and how to use it

Let's look at the OneNote Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams. It's powerful, incredibly useful and you will love it! Not only can you use it to share resources, assign work or have student collaborate. It's also a place for Teaching and learning during your online classes with unique class notebook features!

How to add a Virtual Background to Microsoft Teams

Did you know you could add a virtual Background to Microsoft Teams Meetings? If you're unsure of how to do it or can't find the option. This video will show you where and how to add your own backgrounds.

How to use breakout room in Microsoft Teams

This video is all about Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams. What can they do? How does it work and what will it look like to the teacher and student? This video will show you how to answer all those questions and give you a breakdown of the available features in Microsoft Team when using Breakout rooms. It's an amazing feature of Teams with more and more functionality coming to it all the time!

Contributed by:
Alex Black