How to use GoToMeeting for Online Classes

Scheduling sessions in GoToMeeting

Learn all the details of scheduling a GoToMeeting session.

Online Teaching: Hosting sessions in GoToMeeting

How to join as an Attendee on GoToMeeting

Joining a meeting is simple with GoToMeeting. Once the organizer has sent you an invitation, on the day of the meeting simply click the URL link in your unique email to be brought directly into the session. You can also join a meeting by entering a 9-digit meeting ID at

Before joining a meeting, you will be prompted to choose whether you will be using your telephone or your mic and speakers. From the dropdown, you can choose which mic and speakers you would like to use if you have options. By using the “call me” feature, you can ask GoToMeeting to call you. Simply type in your phone number and you’ll receive a call from the GoToMeeting app that puts you right into the conference call. You can even save this number for future use.

Once in the meeting, your control panel is located on the top right. If you joined with mic and speakers, you may over to use the telephone at any time, or vice versa. When calling in by telephone, make sure you enter the audio PIN you are provided. This allows you to be muted and unmuted by the organizer. Click the webcam button to share your webcam.

If you are invited as a co-organizer or are made presenter, you may have the ability to share your screen from your control panel. If you would like to ask a question of the organizer or anyone in the group, you may use the chat window to do so.

How to use GoToMeeting on Laptop or PC

This video shows you how easy it is use to GoToMeeting on Laptop or PC.

How to join a live class from a MAC

Learn the simple steps to hosting a GoToMeeting session from a Mac.

How to schedule Recurring Classes

Learn how to schedule a recurring class using a personalized meeting room.

GoToMeeting Web App

Join a GoToMeeting session instantly with Chrome.

How to record with GoToMeeting

Learn about the different types of recording with GoToMeeting.

How to share the screen in GoToMeeting

Learn how to share your screen, from your browser, using GoToMeeting Chrome Web App.

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