How to use Google Meet for live online classes

How to use Google Meet for Remote and Online Teaching

Are you looking for a platform to host live lessons for your students online? Google Meet will be good option.

Add a co-host on Google Meet

Your teaching assistant or colleagues can now be co-hosts in Google Meet and facilitate or help out.

How to share files and attachments in Google Meet

Every Class can have Files attached to it. Everyone in your class can access these links and use them during the Call. This is not only a great way of making sure everyone has the files they need, but you can keep Class notes and other important information linked to the online Meetup.

This video will show you everything you need to know about scheduling a Class/Lesson with the files attached.

How to use Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

Breakout Rooms have finally arrived! No Need for extensions or multiple schedule meetings. Everything is in one place and your students can easily join the breakout room or rejoin the main room.

You as a teacher can hop around and make sure everyone understands the activities and is on task.

Create Google Meet Breakout Rooms in Advance

Setting up breakout rooms before the meeting start and assigning students or participants to rooms is a huge timesaver.

Not only are breakout rooms great for reflection, teamwork, differentiation, and more they allow students to work in small groups and teachers to recreate some of the activities that would take place in the classroom. In addition to this, it allows for a form of collaboration with various digital tools previously not possible!

How to take Attendance in Google Meet

In this video, you will learn about Meet Attendance, a brilliant extension that will enable you to take attendance of your students and see when they've joined or left the Meet.

You can find the Chrome Extension here:

How to use the Whiteboard in Google Meet

Jamboard is now fully integrated into Google meet and this will change the way you use your Online Meetings.

How to use Polls in Google Meet

Are you ready to use polls in Google Meet? This video will show you what polls look like and how they work.

How to use Q&A in Google Meet

This video will walk you through the Q&A feature in Google Meet. You will be using an Enterprise account as Q&A is available to the Enterprise domain only at the moment.

In the video, you will see both the teacher and student view of the Q&A Feature. Great for engagement during online lessons or to allow less confident students to ask their questions.

How to use Appointment Slots in Google Calendar for Parent Evening on Meet

Run online parent evenings, consultations, or meetings with students. Let your attendees choose their own slot and automatically create a Meet link for that meeting. Huge timesaver and a great way to run effective and easy consultations without the need for admin staff to manually assign parents to a timeslot.

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Alex Black