How to use Zoom for Live Online Classes (A step by step guide)

This tutorial will show us how to use zoom to teach online

Downloading and updating the zoom desktop client

Learn how to download, install, and update the Zoom desktop client, as well as some basic navigation.

Navigating the Zoom Web Portal

Tour the Zoom web portal where users can update their personal profiles, choose personal settings, or even schedule and manage meetings, webinars, and more! Certain settings and features may vary based on your account type.

Zoom Personal Profile and Personal ID

Learn how to update your Zoom personal profile to reflect who you are, including updating your profile image, preferred name, and more, and identifying your unique Personal Meeting ID.

Basic Zoom Meeting Settings

In this video, we’ll explore some of Zoom’s most frequently used settings for security and meetings so you can choose the options that work best for you. Note that some settings can only be changed by the account owner or administrator.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

See three simple ways to join a Zoom Live Class.

Basic In-Meeting Navigation

Explore the inside of a Zoom Meeting from both the host and participants' perspectives, and learn your in-meeting toolbar and menus.

Zoom Audio and Video Basics

Learn how to mute and unmute, turn your video on or off, and test or switch your microphone and camera in the live lesson.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds and Video Filters

Learn how to enhance your picture quality and add a little flair to your video with Zoom's Virtual Backgrounds and Video Filters. You can choose your background according to lesson theme.

Zoom In-Meeting Chat and Reactions

Communicate with the host and participants and students without disrupting the lesson flow with in-meeting chat, reactions, and nonverbal feedback.

Share Your Screen, Video, or Audio

The number of things you can share from your screen over Zoom may surprise you! Learn how to share a variety of content from your screen in a Zoom Meeting or Webinar.

Pinning and Spotlighting Participants

Choose who you see in a Zoom meeting with Pinning (for all participants), and Spotlighting (for the meeting host), and learn the key differences between the two features.

Zoom Classroom Layouts and Views

Find a view that works for you. Explore the various meeting layouts and viewing options available to you including Gallery View, Speaker View, Side-by-Side (with shared screens), and Floating Thumbnail.

Schedule a Meeting/Lesson from the Web or Desktop

Learn how to schedule a Zoom meeting from the Web Portal or Desktop Client, and understand your Meeting options and settings.

Invite Students Before and During Zoom Class

Once you've scheduled a Zoom Meeting, understand three common ways to invite participants: copying the meeting invitation details, adding the event to your calendar, and inviting others after the meeting starts.

Recording Locally on Your Computer

Learn how to record your session locally on your computer (free to all Zoom users), as well as a few recording settings and options to help you capture the moment.

Recording to the Cloud

Learn how to record your session to the cloud (available to licensed Zoom users), as well as a few recording settings and options to help you capture the moment. Recording to the cloud offers added features such as audio transcription and shareable links.

Zoom Security Basics

Learn how Zoom Meeting and Webinar hosts can take steps to help put safeguards in place using some of our most simple and effective Security features.

Schedule and Configure Your Webinar

Learn how to schedule your webinar from the Zoom web portal. You can configure all the settings so that your webinar is exactly how you want it.

Contributed by:
Alex Black