Top Alternatives to Google Meet for Online Teaching and Live Classes

Google meet is one of the versatile platforms for online teaching. It is very easy to use and ideal for the classroom having less than a hundred strengths. It even does not require desktop applications and can be accessed through any browser. In Google meet, it is easy to add only desirable people and not let unwanted guests enter. Screen sharing is very easy and is designed to secure users work. Google meet is mainly for educational users as it allows the only host to approve or deny requests. But there are some other platforms that are solely designed for online teaching purposes. 

In this article, we will see the top alternatives of Google Meet for Online Teaching and Live Classes:



MeritHub is an all-in-one platform that hosts live classes, courses, and quizzes. It solely contains all the features and hence can replace Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc. Merithub is easy to use and scalable. It is made in such a way that it is reliable on all devices. The top features provided by the MeritHub are the following:

  • Host live, online classes. Live classes can be recorded for future access. It also provides self-paced courses.

  • The schedule and attendance management feature allows the teacher to schedule classes conveniently. The attendance management feature makes the work easier for the teachers.

  • Online whiteboard is available for teachers to draw and write. Multiple whiteboards can be used simultaneously. Teachers can share PDF, PPT, audio and video files, YouTube Videos, Google Docs, and spreadsheets etc.

  • Centralized teacher and student management. 

  • Screen sharing feature is also available. The teacher can use different applications and files to teach the concepts.

  •  The chat feature allows the teachers and students to interact individually. Students can ask questions in the chatbox.

  • Audio/Video quality is of superior level and allows the teacher to interact better even in remote areas.

  • It also provides a digital library where teachers can share the academic content in form of pdf, PPTs, etc.     



Zoom has allowed online teaching more deployable as compared to its competing products. The video quality of Zoom allows the teacher to better see the participants faces integrating with other features like annotations, sharing, and breakouts. The several other features of Zoom are the following:

  • Zoom allows the user to share screens simultaneously with their video ON. 

  • It allows the users to share different files even while presenting the screen.

  • Zoom provides the ability for students to work or learn in groups when teachers enable breakout rooms for them.

  • It provides the feature of written annotations on a whiteboard or directly on documents. 

  • Advanced screen sharing option allows the users to share a portion of the screen, slides/PowerPoint as a virtual background, share the video and content from the second camera.

  • Zoom allows the tutors to conduct classes online as well as to record the classes for future access.

  • Zoom is free. Many best features of this software are available in the free version.

  • In Zoom, the host can also allow the students to draw on the whiteboard.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a single platform where teachers can conduct online classes, upload assignments, and provide files. Students can find all materials at one central location. A tutor can conduct an online class of up to 300 students for free. The various features provided by the Microsoft Teams are the following:

  •  Microsoft provides the feature of screen sharing in real-time.

  • Assignments icon is present where the teacher can assign, track and evaluate the class assignments.

  • Whiteboard is also present for the teacher to draw and write.

  • Raise your hand feature is available by which a student can ask doubt without disturbing the whole class.

  • Together mode feature allows the teacher to see the whole class in a new way for discussions and presentations.

  • A custom background option is also available by which one can blur the background or can add an image.  

  • Teachers and students can also interact with the chat feature in a more personalized format.



Webex by Cisco is a platform for hybrid learning and is easy to collaborate with. Cisco Webex classrooms provide a classroom for teachers to organize live classes. Webex classrooms work together with Webex meetings for the smooth conduction of a hybrid learning model. Some of the features provided by the Webex are the following:

  • With the help of Webex Assistant, parents can also review the classroom recordings, assignments, notes to evaluate the progress.  

  • Teachers can allow only signed users to join.

  • Teachers can provide the assignments one-to-one by using Webex Teams.

  • Hand raise option is also available and the students who raise their hands are shifted to the top.

  • Teachers can breakout the classrooms into groups of students to discuss or share presentations.

  • Live classes can be recorded for later access.


GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is another virtual meeting platform that is designed for businesses meetings, online teaching, and other online communication activities. Features provided by this platform are the following:

  • It can make secure web conferencing with students.

  • Screen sharing

  • Video Editing

  • It can arrange meetings up to 40 minutes. 

  • It is most suitable for small meetings or one on ones.

  • A recording feature is also available. 



Whereby is simple software used for video conferencing of up to 10 people in a meeting for free. It works well with every browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. No registrations or download is required for guest. Some features available in Whereby:

  • In free, it can schedule meetings up to 45 minutes.

  • Screen sharing

  • Breakout groups

  • Background effects and noise reduction.

  • Recording feature is also available. 

  • Collaboration tools

  • Shared rooms



Skype is a communication software that allows audio or video conferencing with 50 users at a time. It is another platform that allows students and teachers to connect from anywhere.  Features provided by the Skype are the following:

  • Record audio or video calls.

  • Easy to search file.

  • Provide mentoring or homework help.

p98.png is a collaboration tool designed for online meetings, webinars, and teaching purposes. Features provided by the platform:

  • Screen sharing 

  • Video conferencing

  • Multiple participants can share the screen using this platform.

  • Documents and presentations can also be shared by this platform.


Zoho Meeting

Zoho meeting is also software for video conferencing and webinars. It is simple to use with standard security. Zoho meeting provides the following features:

  • It also provides a virtual classroom.

  • The screen sharing feature enables sharing documents and presentations.

  • The host can record and share the web meeting with the participants.

  • Interaction can be done by Q&A sessions and organizing polls.    


Go Brunch

Go Brunch is a virtual classroom software used for live classes and webinars. Go Brunch can have multiple breakout rooms simultaneously with the different tutors assigned to each session. Some features provided by the Go Brunch:

  • Tutors can turn on their camera, share the video and present the screen at the same time. 

  • The recording feature of classes and webinars is also available.

  •  No installation is required.     

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