Animal Categorization: Types of Animals

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This pdf contains a brief introduction to the animals/animal kingdom. Their types like wild, water etc.
Important points :-
We see many animals around us.
Animals includes birds , insects , water animals etc…
Some animals live with us Some animal live in the forest.
Some animals live in water.
Some animals are very useful to us.
Some animals are small and asome are big .
Types of animals :
I . Small and big animals :
Small animals :
Examples are given below
Rat Rabbit Squirrel
Cat Dog
2. . Big animals :
Elephant Bear Giraff
II . Domestic and wild animals :-
Domestic animals:
Animals kept by human as work animal , food source or pet are called
domestic animals.
3. Wild animals :
Some animal live in the forest.
These called wild animals.
Wild animals are very dangerous.
III .Farm animals :
4. IV .Water animals :
Some animals live in water such animals are called water animals.
V . Birds:
5. VI. Insects :
Most of the insects have six legs. Spider has eight legs.
VII. Herbivores ,Carnivores and Omnivores :
Herbovores :
Animals which eat only plants are called herbivores .
Example : Rabbit , squirrel , deer , horse , donkey ,cow,goat etc…
Carnivores :
Animals which eat flesh are called carnivores.
Example : Lion , tiger , wolf , vulture etc…
Omnivores :
Animals which eat both plants and animals are called omnivores.
Example : Crow , hen , pig , dog , human etc….
6. Animals and their homes :
An imals and their young ones :
Cat Kitten
Dog Puppy
Lion Cub
Tiger Cub
Cow Calf
Pig Piglet
Horse Foal , colt
Deer fawn
Sheep lamb
Hen Chick
Duck Duckling
7. Animals and their sounds :
Dog Barks
Cat Mews
Cow Moos
Pig Grunts
Lion Roars
Birds Chirps
Bee Buzzes
Elephant Trumpets
Goat Bleats
Horse Neighs
Animals and their collective names:
Lion Pride
Bee Swarm
Ant Colony
Birds Flock
Cattle Herd
Fish School
Elephant Herd
8. Question Answers :-
1. Name our (India’s ) National animal - Tiger
2. Name our (India’s ) National bird - Peacock
3. Name the largest land animal - Elephant
4. Name the largest water animal - Whale
5. Who is the ship of desert ? - Camel
6. Who is the king of jungle ? - Lion
7. Which animal live in both land and water ? - Turtle
8 . Name the largest bird - Ostrich
9. Name the smallest bird - Humming bird
10 . Name the tallest animal. - Giraffe
Patterns in animals :-
Tiger Cheetah Giraff
9. Leopard Zebra
Extinct Animals :
10. Pet animals :
How to take care of pet animals ?
* We should take proper care of them.
* We should love them .
* We should give enough food , fresh water etc..
* We should not tease them.