Reading Comprehension - Passage: 'Amazing Animals - Honey Badger'

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You are in for some fun in this lesson as the honey badger is a truly amazing animal! Honey badgers have the well-earned reputation of being fierce, feisty little mammals.
Amazing Animals
Honey Badger

2. oes —————
Amazing Animals: Honey Badger

You are in for some fun in this lesson as the
honey badger is a truly amazing animal!
No other animals have such unusual
behaviors as the honey badger. He is very
strong, quite mean, and a fierce fighter. You
do not want to mess with him.
Now we will tell you about the honey badger
but if you ave squeamish, be warned!
Amazing Animals: Honey Badger
Here are the topics we wish to share with you:

4. Amazing Animals: Honey Badger

+ Their past, where they originate from, and their traits
+ Where they like to live, their travels, and their home
Ea + What foods they eat, how, and why
+ What friends (if ang!) they have, and their enemies
* Things about the honey badger you'll find interesting

+ Pictures of honey badgers in their natural atl Mea
5. About the Honey Badger
& The honey badger is:
+ Different from other badgers- more like a weasel
and skunk but the only animal of its kind. It is the
size of a medium dog, but has a fairly wide body
+ Black and a white stripe but very dangerous teeth
that tear apart those he attacks (his prey)
Covered with very loose, thick, and rubber -like skin
Very skilled at digging- for protection and hunting
ost content being alone (a solitary and unsociable ©

atient, and fearless!

7. Where the Honey Badger is Found
@& The honey badger will be found:
+ Living in Africa and large aveas of Asia (see
map) where she enjoys forests, grasslands, and
the desert. The actual number of honey badgers
in this region is unknown
+ Making its home in tree holes or underground
* Traveling many miles a day to hunt, sometimes
with another honey badger
* Sleeping during the day, curled:up in a ball for
active and hunting at night. This makes
er a-nocturnal animal — ee

Food: What, Who!, How, and Why
& “Let's eat?? Says our friend. Honey badgers:
+ Eat most anything or anyone! They are not picky eaters
+ Attack and eats snakes, the tortoise, lizards, sheep, pigs-
and wore. They eat roots and berries too
+ If attacked, they will fight back and often kill much
larger animals. Remember their teeth? They are
ferocious and fearless creatures
Consume the whole animal- bones too!
favorite food is honey. They»will do whatever it
ey! And they have a friend to help... more
Foes : + f

Honey Badger’s Friends and Enemies
The honey badger is not nice and does not
have a friendly personality! She is:
* Tough, fierce, and difficult to kill. This
means other animals keep their distance
* Quick to anger if you cross her path. She
can strike hard and be very vicious
+ Still, her biggest enemies and those she
stays away from ave the lion,.pythons
hyena, leopard, and crocodile... but not :
1 See the pictures on the next page :

14. Fun Facts about the Honey Badger
& Amazingly:
+ Her skin is so loose she can move about in it, like
you can ina sleeping bag, allowing her to surprise
an attacker with a bite of her own
+ He can dig a hole to hide in only a few minutes
+ Her tough skin stops bee stings and porcupine quills!
Honey badgers can survive a venomous snake bite
She is a bad iuecerer and is very. sloppys
.. he can release an awful smell _
” that stuns attackers like bees’ _

15. Foto’s of the Honey Badger nao
See him:
+ Use a shovel to escape capture!
+ Fight off other animals, even when theve is
more than one
+ Dig up a bees’ nest, and fast!
+ Shaving her baby honey badger cub with us
+ Chasing a leopard who has the honey badgers’
young cub
Using his swimming skills in a fight .withya

manicure... look at those nails!
18. @ What did you learn?
Do you think the honey badger is
an amazing animal? | do!

Go ahead and complete the
activity worksheet for this.lesson.