The Complete Social Studies Quiz

In this quiz, various questions from the complete syllabus of social studies of grade 7 are asked. The quiz contains various multiple-choice questions to let students learn about the subject more effectively.

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What is the capital of Canada?

San Jose




Kingston is the capital of-





What is the longest river in the United States?

Mississippi River

Rio Grande

Missouri River

Canadian River

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua.



 Which of the following describes "due process of law"?

The government follows its own laws in the court system.

The government changes its own laws.

People have to report what they do to the government.

People have to say what they think about the government.

Which country or territory is highlighted?





Which of the following is both a right and a responsibility of a U.S. citizen?

pay taxes

vote in elections

register for military service

bear arms

 What is an example of good citizenship?

crossing the street against the light

staying home from school

leaving your trash can in the street all week long

voting when there is an election

 What is government?

An institution through which leaders exercise power to make and enforce laws affecting the people under its control

A group of people who collect taxes to help pay for their luxury vehicles

An organization whose goal is to prepare citizens for menial jobs

An institution created to spread the religion throughout the nation

Local governments pass laws that govern the people living in their towns, cities, or counties. Local laws are called____




Executive Order

A disadvantage to the Mixed Economy is

a balance of needs & wants are met.

citizens have to pay taxes.

marketplace takes care of people's wants.

government takes care of people's needs.

When the price is above the equilibrium price, more people will be willing to buy.



 Which of the following is not an example of Providing Security?

Preventing Crime

Protecting Citizens from foreign attacks.

Making sure our military is properly equipped

Building a library.

Why did Cornwallis set up camp on a peninsula at Yorktown?

to deceive George Washington

to satisfy the demands of his troops

to distance British troops from Rochambeau’s forces

to protect the harbor for use by the British fleet

Who led a surprise attack on Fort Vincennes and stopped a British invasion of the American frontier?

Horatio Gates

Benedict Arnold

George Washington

George Rogers Clark

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