Rights, Responsibilities And Duties Of The Citizens

This quiz includes various questions related to the rights, responsibilities, and duties of citizens. Different multiple-choice questions are added to the quiz and students have to choose the correct answer from the given options.

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 Which of the following describes "due process of law"?

The government follows its own laws in the court system.

The government changes its own laws.

People have to report what they do to the government.

People have to say what they think about the government.

Which of these is not the responsibility of U.S citizens?

pay taxes

carry weapons

serve on a jury

obey laws

Which of the following is both a right and a responsibility of a U.S. citizen?

pay taxes

vote in elections

register for military service

bear arms

 How does the Fifth Amendment protect people accused of a crime?

It forces everyone to vote in elections.

It guarantees the right to a trial by jury.

It forces everyone accused of a crime to have a lawyer.

It guarantees that the government follows due process of law.

Which is the best example of a responsibility that Americans have a duty to fulfill as citizens?

buying a house

voting for president

caring for aging parents

taking shower daily

 What is an example of good citizenship?

crossing the street against the light

staying home from school

leaving your trash can in the street all week long

voting when there is an election

Which of the following services are paid for by taxes collected from residents?

banks and private businesses

roads, schools, hospitals, and parks

delivery services, taxis, and the postal service

the growing and shipping of food from farms

No excessive bail or fines, no cruel and unusual punishment.

The above sentence is the statement for which of the following statement.

1st Amendment

4th Amendment

6th Amendment

8th Amendment

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