Foundations Of American Government

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Which of the following is not a function of our government?

Keep Order

Provide leadership

Provide Church Services

Provide Security

 Which of the following is not an example of Providing Security?

Preventing Crime

Protecting Citizens from foreign attacks.

Making sure our military is properly equipped

Building a library.

 What is government?

An institution through which leaders exercise power to make and enforce laws affecting the people under its control

A group of people who collect taxes to help pay for their luxury vehicles

An organization whose goal is to prepare citizens for menial jobs

An institution created to spread the religion throughout the nation

Which of the following theories expresses the belief that the state developed naturally out of family and tribal organizations?

Force Theory

Evolutionary Theory

Divine Right Theory

Social Contract Theory

A person or group gains control over an area and forces all within it to submit to their rule -

Divine Right Theory

Evolutionary Theory

Force Theory

Social Contract Theory

Type of government in which one person rules


absolute monarch



In a democratic government, the questions of "how should we govern" and "what should government do" are controlled by

the leaders

the military

the elected representatives

the people

How does the government pay for public structures?

requesting money from congress

taking taxes from citizens

taking money from state governments

taking funds from other projects

Why do we have a government?

To help people be safe and To keep people working together

To keep people safe and To help people work together

To keep or communities safe and help people in trouble

To help the world be a better place

Type of government in which many people rule.


representative democracy


totalitarian dictatorship

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