Thalassemia - Causes, Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Which of the following disorder is an example of point mutation?

Sickle cell anaemia Down’s syndrome Night blindness Thalassemia

This statement is true about Thalassemia

There is a type of thalassemia depending on the number of mutations in genes It is caused by mutations in the DNA of cells which make up the haemoglobin Mild thalassemia may not need treatment All of these

This is not a symptom of Thalassemia disease

Abdominal cramps Weakness and slow growth Dark urine Facial bone deformities

This type of thalassemia disease is Cooley anaemia

Alloimmunization Beta-thalassemia Alpha-thalassemia None of these

Name the blood test which can detect if a person is a carrier of thalassemia

Prenatal testing A complete blood count (CBC) A Reticulocyte Count All of these

Possible complications of thalassemia is ________.

Infection Iron overload Only B Both A and B

What about alpha-thalassemia is correct ?

Number of gene mutations decide the severity of the condition Haemoglobin fails to produce enough alpha protein in alpha-thalassemia Alpha-thalassemia is common in South-east Asia, southern Asia, India etc All of the above

The complications that can occur in severe thalassemia is ________.

Enlarged spleen Bone deformities Problems with the heart All of these

People suffering from colour blindness fail to distinguish which of the two colours?

Red and Green Blue and Green Red and Blue Red and Yellow

When can a female be colour blind?

Father has normal vision and the mother is a carrier Father has normal vision and mother is colour blind Father is colour blind and the mother has a normal vision Father is colour blind and mother is a carrier

Which of the following type of inheritance is shown by colour blindness?

Chromosomal inheritance Criss-cross inheritance Zig-zag inheritance Up-down inheritance

What will be the percentage of sons having a normal vision if the father has normal vision and their mother is colour blind?

0% 25% 50% 100%

What percentage of children are colour blind if their father is colour blind and the mother is a carrier for Colour blindness?

25% 50% 75% 100%

What about beta-thalassemia is true ?

Two genes are necessary to make beta-globin chains

Mutation of genes decide the severity of the condition

Beta thalassemia is a common condition in West Asia, North Africa and the Mediterranean islands

All of these

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