Biotechnology - Principles and Processes

This MCQ is based on Biotechnology - Principles and Processes(The major utility of the biological world is as a source of food. Biotechnology, the twentieth-century off-shoot of modern biology, changed our daily life as its products brought qualitative improvement in health and food production. The basic principles underlying biotechnological processes and some applications).

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Transgenic plants are develop by:

Introducing of foreign fenes Clone and genetically modified genes Genetic engineering Purified genes

Who discovered Restricted endonucleas enzymes?

Smith and Nathane Baiger Waxman Fleming

DNA obtained for DNA finger printing:

W.B.C. Hair root cells Body fluids None of these

Rising of dough is due to

Multiplication of yeast Production of CO2 Emulsification Hydrolysis of wheat flour starch into sugars.

The transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another through the mediation of a vector-like virus is termed as:

Transduction Conjugation Transformation Translation.

Which of the given statement is correct in the context of observing DNA separated by agarose gel electrophoresis?

DNA can be seen in visible light DNA can be seen without staining in visible light Ethidium bromide stained DNA can be seen in visible light Ethidium bromide stained DNA can be seen under exposure to UV light.

In agarose gel electrophoresis, DNA molecules are separated on the basis of their

Size only

Charge to size ratio

All of the above

Charge only

The most important feature in a plasmid to be used as a vector is:

Origin of replication (ori)

Presence of a selectable marker

Presence of sites for restriction endonuclease

Its size

“Restriction” in Restriction enzyme refers to

Prevention of the multiplication of bacteriophage in bacteria

All of the above

Cutting of DNA at specific position only

Cleaving of phosphodiester bond in DNA by the enzyme

Restriction enzymes were discovered by

Smith and Nathans

Smith and Nathans


None of these

Bacteria protect themselves from viruses by fragmenting viral DNA with





An enzyme catalysing the removal of nucleotides from the ends of DNA is:





Name the drug used in cancer treatment produced by using biotechnology





Two microbes found to be very useful in genetic, engineering are:

Escherichiya Coli and Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Virbio chloerae and tailed bacteriophage

Diplococcus sp and pseudomonas sp.

None of these

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