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The smog is essentially caused by the presence of

Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen O2 and N2 O2 and O3 None of these

The main element of smog is

O3 and PAN PAN O3 PPN and PBN

The secondary precursors of photochemical smog are

O3 and PAN NO2 and hydrocarbons SO2 and hydrocarbons SO2 and NO2

Acid rain is due to

SO2 and NO2 CH3 N2O5 None of these

The substance having the largest concentration in acid rain

H2SO4 HNO3 H2CO3 None of these

Which of the following strategy is not a correct approach to reduce global warming ?

Increasing the use of air conditioners, refrigeration unit and production of plastic foams and propellants in aerosal spray cans Minimizing the use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture for reducing N2O emission Increase the vegetation cover particularly the forest for photosynthetic utilization of CO2 Reducing the green house gas emission by limiting the use of fossil fuels

The compound essential for the process of photosynthesis has this element

Ca Ba Fe Mg

This about carbon monoxide is incorrect.

It is produced due to incomplete combustion The carboxyhaemoglobin (haemoglobin found to CO) is less stable than oxyhaemoglobin It reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of blood It forms carboxyhaemoglobin

This is a sink for CO

Haemoglobin Oceans Micro organisms present in the soil Plants

DDT is

Nitrogen containing insecticide Biodegradable pollutant Non-Biodegradable pollutant An antibiotic

Which of the following techniques is/are used in controlling water pollution?

Reverse osmosis Ion exchange process Adsorption process All of these

Which of the following pollutants cannot be degraded by natural process?

Heavy metals DDT Nuclear waste All of these

A substance which may alter environmental constituents or cause pollution is referred to as

Pollutant Decomposer Radiator Reducer

Regular use of which of the following fertilizers increases the acidity of soil?

Potassium nitrate Superphosphate of lime Ammonium sulphate Urea

Which of the following metal will pollute water?

Cd Na K None of  the above

Depletion of the ozone layer is caused by

Ferrocene Fullerenes Freons Polyhalogens

Photochemical smog normally does not contains

Chlorofluorocarbons Peroxyacetyl nitrate Ozone Acrolein

The coldest region of the atmosphere

Troposphere Thermosphere Stratosphere Mesosphere

Classical smog occurs in places of

Low temperature

Excess NH3

Excess SO2

High temperature

Photochemical smog formed in congested metropolitan cities mainly consists of

Ozone, peroxyacetyl nitrate and NOx

Smoke, peroxyacetyl nitrate and SO2

Hydrocarbons, SO2 and CO2

None of these

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