Reproductive Health

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Reproductive Health.

This includes the Fallopian tube, Cervix, Uterine cavity, IUDs, Diaphragms, Tubectomy, and Cervical caps

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Rapid decline in a population due to high mortality rate is called:

Population density Population crash Population explosion All of these

Amniocentesis is a process to:

Determine any disease ¡n the heart Know about diseases of brain Determine any hereditary disease in the embryo All of these

Drug Ru-486 is used as :

Contraceptive Abortive agent Amniocentesis Mutagen

Which of the following is hormonereleasing?

Multiload 375 LNG-20 Lippes loop Cu 7

Which among the following is commonly called withdrawal method?

Lactational amenorrhoea Coitus interruptus Periodic abstinence Rhythm method

In which of the following ARTs, does in vivo fertilisation occur?


Surgical methods, also called sterilisation techniques are fool-poof methods be prevent pregnancy. But, it is the last option for many couples, because

It is nearly irreversible.

Of lack of sufficient facilities in many parts of the country.

Of fear that it will reduce sexual drive.

All of these

The method of directly injecting a sperm into ovum in assisted reproductive technology is called :


Increased IMR and decreased MMR in a population will:

Cause rapid increase in growth rate Result in decline in growth rate Not cause significant change in growth rate Result in an explosive population.

Intensely lactating mothers do not generally conceive due to the :

Suppression of gonadotropins Hyper secretion of gonadotropins Suppression of gametic transport Suppression of fertilisation.

Sterilisation techniques are generally foolproof methods of contraception with least side effects. Yet, this is the last option for the couples because : (i) It is almost irreversible (ii) Of the misconception that it will reduce sexual urge/drive (iii) It is a surgical procedure (iv) Of lack of sufficient facilities in many parts of the country Choose the correct option :

i and iii ii and iii ii and iv i, ii, iii and iv

A national level approach to build up a reproductively healthy society was taken up in our country in :

1950s 1960s 1980s 1990s.

Emergency contraceptives are effective if used within

72 hrs of coitus 72 hrs of ovulation 72 hrs of menstruation 72 hrs of implantation

What is the correct surgical method for preventing pregnancy in which the vas deferens is cut?

Vasectomy Castration Hysterectomy Ovariectomy

Fixing up of blastocyst in the wall of uterus is

Implantation Fertilisation Placentation Impregnation

Condoms are one of the most popular contraceptives because of the following reasons

These are effective barriers for insemination.

They do not interfere with coital act.

These help in reducing the risk of STDs.

All of the above.

In India, first census was conducted in:





‘Saheli’ a female antifertility pill, is used:





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