Practicing the Prefixes and Suffixes

In this quiz, you will learn about the basics of prefixes and suffixes. You will get to know about the many prefixes and suffixes and how they change the meaning of any word.

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What helps prevent a cold?

washing your hands frequently

taking cold medicine

Which would you refreeze?

water that you want to make into ice cubes

ice cubes that are starting to melt

Which might be a subcommittee of the other?

the students responsible for planning a school dance

the students responsible for decorating for a school dance

Why might a nurse mismeasure a patient's temperature?

because the patient has become sicker

because the thermometer is broken

Why might you distrust a news story?

because it contains false information

because you already heard it on another network

Which would make water impure?

adding chemicals

adding ice

If you solved a math problem unaided, how did you solve it?

by yourself

with a calculator

Which experience is less likely to be described as delightful?

a day at the beach

a trip to the dentist

Which of these is painless?

breaking an eggshell

breaking your arm

Why might you want something to be divisible?

so that it stays in one piece and doesn't fall apart

so that you can share it with someone else

Which is more manageable?

finishing a week's worth of homework in one evening

finishing a day's worth of homework in one evening

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