What is the difference between courses and batches?

MeritHub courses allow you to organize students and content in different batches. A single course can house multiple batches, and every batch can have different sets of students.

We can differentiate Batches by periods such as Morning Batch or Evening Batch or by the section ln regular classrooms like Section A, Section B, etc.

Instructors can categorize students into different batches for the ease of teaching and provide a better organization of the learners for the easy manipulation of the data of a large number of learners. 

For example, if a particular class in an institution has multiple sections, the instructor can divide students of different departments into different batches under the same course. It will make it easy for the instructor to access each section of learners separately and foster smooth learning.

The instructor has the authority to allow learners to view other learners in the course and can enable learners to view course updates and announcements. The instructor can also facilitate Learner-to-learner discussions as per his need.

The teacher can add or remove students in different batches according to the need of the time. A new batch can also be created by importing the contents of the previously created batches. 

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