How to Start Your Online Teaching Career

Online Teaching

The process of educating or teaching others via an internet connection is called online teaching. Online teaching provides flexible work hours along with the reach of a larger audience. Any skill can be taught online effectively.

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Basic skills one should possess to become an Online teacher:

Familiarity with Technology: For becoming an online tutor one should have a good understanding of computers and the internet because interaction with students takes place on different platforms like Google Classroom, MeritHub, Google Meet.

Good Communication Skills: An online tutor must have good communicating and understanding skills so that he/she can easily provide solutions to the problems.

Time Management Skills: An online tutor must provide the academic content timely to the students so that they can avail the maximum benefit from the course. Quizzes and assignment evaluations should also be done as soon as possible. They can use software like MeritHub for faster evaluation.

Building relationships and engaging students: This can be achieved by personalizing the learning environment by getting to know students. It can be facilitated by monitoring each individual progress and providing individual feedback.

Steps to Start Online Teaching Career:

Step 1: Pick a Subject - The initial step is to select a subject. Choose the subject you can teach the best. One should prefer the subject of his/her interest and from which he/she has done the higher education.

Step 2: Know your audience - Once the subject selection is done the tutor has to figure out for whom they are going to make the content. It can be either of the elementary level or secondary level depending upon the market needs and tutor expertise in the subject.

Step 3: Create an Online Course - After the audience figuring is done, the next step is to create the content. This is the most important step and hence to be done in a responsible manner. The course should be well prepared in accordance with the targeted audience. Quizzes and assignments should also be prepared for checking the student’s knowledge once a topic is covered. This is where the MeritHub and a few other platforms make the work easier for the tutor and prepare a well-formatted course, quizzes and assignments.

Step 4: Availing the course to the students- There are various ways in which a tutor can avail the course to the students:

  1. The tutor can avail their video courses for free on platforms like YouTube by creating a channel.

  2. Creating their own website: In this mode, the tutor sells their courses on their own website.

  3. By Joining an online teaching platform: In this mode, the tutor provides his content to the students by joining various teaching platforms.

Contributed by:
Balpreet Brar
Edmund Hinkel