Writing Composition: Detective Story Structure

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Teaching students how to identify the structure in detective stories and their elements. An inverted detective story, also known as a "howcatchem", is a murder mystery fiction structure in which the commission of the crime is shown or described at the beginning, usually including the identity of the perpetrator.

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By the end of this
“briefing” you will be able
to identify the story
structure and story

3. -The setting is where and when the
story takes place.

4. ‘People or animals in the


6. -Where the problem
reaches a high point.

7. -How the conflict is solved.

8. -Short version of the story.

9. Our first case
- The Three Little Pigs
+ As detectives, we need to make sure a aia mon
CAN om Nae U UIC ey and os ime amolla Sea structure
map SOMA aac Tau 4 IV IScemae aon

10. Your turn!
-Asa ras you will be given a “case” and
have to identify the parts to this story.
- If your mystery is unsolved you will need to
create your own resolution.