Learn the Homophones and Multi-meaning Words

In this quiz, you will get to know about homophones and multi-meaning words. You will find questions on different homophones words as well as you will learn about many multi-meaning words.

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Which word matches the picture?



Which of the following words matches with the picture?



Select the homophone of the herd from the given sentence.



Select the homophone of sail.



Complete the sentence with the correct homophone.

What does fan mean in this sentence?

fan noun a tool or machine that cools by moving air back and forth.

fan noun a person who loves a sports team or player.

What does watch mean in this sentence?

watch noun a small clock you wear on your wrist.

watch verb to look at

What does check mean in this sentence?

check noun a piece of paper used pay money from your bank.

check verb to see if something is right.

Which sentence uses this meaning of hog?

Did Joe hog all the brownies that Bella and I made?

Mr. Davison’s hog was largest at the state fair.

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