Writing Composition: Cinquain Poetry

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Learning what are cinquain poems and how to write them. A cinquain is a class of poetic forms that employ a 5-line pattern. Earlier used to describe any five-line form, it now refers to one of several forms that are defined by specific rules and guidelines.
1. Sample Cinquains
ornery, naughty
growling, jumping, chewing
a playful bundle of trouble
black, white
waddling, swimming, leaping
a tuxedo in the cold water
red, delicious
crunching, chewing, eating
my favorite snack
fun, new
reading, laughing, writing
you have 6 new messages
fast, zip
buzzing, rushing, flying
drivers on the track
white, tall
reaching, bending, fluttering
leaves and twigs in the wind
happy, cheerful
singing, eating, playing
my eighth birthday party
loud, busy
roping, riding, exciting
dozens of horses in the arena
big, long
driving, speeding, passing
tractor trailer on the highway
cold, creamy
eating, giggling, licking
cone with three scoops
ice cream
2. Cinquain Graphic Organizer
A cinguain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, or thing.
dessert 2 a one-word title, a noun
cold, creamy 2 two adjectives
eating, giggling, licking 2 three -ing participles
cone with three scoops 2 a phrase
ice cream 2 a synonym for your title, another noun
Use this organizer to write your own cinquain,

a one word title, a noun that tells what your poem is about
2 ,

two adjectives that describe what you're writing about
3 , '
three -ing participles that describe what your poem is about

a phrase that tells more about what you're writing about

a synonym for your ttle, another noun that tells what your poem is about
3. Cinquain Reflections Worksheet
1, What do you like most about your poem?

2. If you could change something about the poem, what would you change?

3. Of the poems that you heard when we shared our cinquain, which poems did you
like best and why?

4, What will you do differently the next time you write a poem?