Reviewing the General Parts of Speech

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Here, students will review whatever they have learned regarding the general parts of speech in previous grades.

1. | Parts of Speech _—

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= A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.
iy Nia /atsurclu acedeial
= state is a noun
* clock is a noun
* courage Is a noun


= A verb is an action word or a state of
= sit, run, sleep, behave are all action
= is, Was, were, am, are all state of
being verbs
4. = An adjective is a descriptive word, they
are only used to describe nouns.
= smart, cowardly, stained, and quiet are
all adjectives.

5. = An adverb is a word that describes an
action, or an adjective,
= or another adverb
= The boy ran QUICKLY.
ace) Le ES adm Neate"

6. = A pronoun is a word that is used to
replace a noun.
= he, she, it, and them are all pronouns.

7. = A preposition is a word used to show
direction, location, or time.
* through and toward are prepositions
= here and in are prepositions
= during and after are prepositions

8. = An interjection is a word that is used to
show emotion.
= Wow is an interjection
= Welllis an interjection
= Oops Is an interjection


= A conjunction is a word that is used to
join longer sentences together.
* and, or, but are all conjunctions
= also, therefore, and furthermore are all