What is the functioning of Digestive System?

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This pdf covers the major information about the functioning of the digestive system. The human digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal tract plus the accessory organs of digestion. Digestion involves the breakdown of food into smaller and smaller components until they can be absorbed and assimilated into the body.
1. Digestive system
2. Pennsylvania State Standard
~ 10.1.9 – Analyze the
interdependence existing among the
body systems.
3. What you will learn:
1. Describe the parts and functions of
the digestive system.
2. Explain ways to care for the
digestive system.
3. Analyze the interdependence
existing among the body systems.
4. Warm-up
O What causes the stomach to growl?
O Answer the questions and hand the
answer in at the end of class!
5. Vocabulary
O Teeth O Appendix
O Tounge O Rectum
O Saliva O Stomach
O Small intestine O Esophagus
O Liver O Anus
O Gallbladder O Villus
O Pancreas
O Colon
6. Defined vocabulary
O Teeth – help break down the food to
small pieces.
O Tongue – Moves food to the back of
the mouth and to the opening of the
O Saliva – Is 99% water and enzymes
that begin to chemical digestion.
O Small Intestine – Coiled tube like
organ is 20feet long. This is when
nutrients are taken up by the body.
7. Defined vocabulary
O Villus – This is the spot that nutrients are
pass out of the small intestine to the
O Liver – Large organ that produces bile to
digest fat.
O Gallbladder - produces bile as needed
into the small intestine.
O Pancreas – Organ that produces enzymes
and release directly into the small
8. Defined vocabulary
O Colon /Large intestine – this organ
absorbs most of the liquid from
undigested food.
O Rectum – Solid waste is stored.
O Anus – Is the opening to the out side
9. AMA's Current Procedural Terminology, Revised 1998 Edition. CPT is a trademark of the American
Medical Association.
10. Main function of digestive
O The main function of the digestive
system is to turn the food into simple
sugars, amino acids, and
carbohydrates. This is fuel for the
human body.
11. Function of digestive system
O The first stage of the digestive
system is the mouth and teeth.
O The teeth grid up the food.
O Which saliva is mix with the food to
break the food down.
O The food is swallowed and wave like
motion moves the food to the
12. Function of digestive system
O Second stage is the stomach breaks down
the food.
O The stomach churns the food. Mixing the
food with the gastric juices.
O This is done with the gastric juices are mix
in the stomach.
O The glands in the stomach produce the juices.
O The gastric juices break down the proteins.
O Then the food is passed into the small intstine.
13. Function of digestive system
O In the small intestine which is about
20ft long.
O This is where the small intestine
absorbs the nutrients from the food.
O Most digestion takes place in the
duodenum of the small intestine.
Small finger like projections called
villus that collect the nutrients.
These nutrients are passed into the
14. Function of digestive system
O The three organs that help in
digesting the food. Liver, and
O Liver – It produces bile , a substance
that aids in digestion of fats.
O Gallbladder – It holds and releases
bile into the small intestine as
15. Function of the Pancreas
O Lies across the back of the
abdomen. The pancreas
produces enzymes that are
necessary to break down
carbohydrates, proteins, and
O Cells in the pancreas are
called Islet of Langerhans,
which produce two
hormones (glucagon, and
insulin. These regulate
sugar in the blood.
O Insulin – Is a hormone that
stimulates the liver to
convert glucose to glycogen.
O Glucagon – Is a hormone
that stimulates the liver to
convert glycogen to glucose.
16. Stomach page 7
17. Digestive helpers! Page 6
18. In human work book.
O Fill in the following diagrams:
O The stomach page 7
O The alimentary canal page 8
O Digestive system page 5
O Digestion Helpers page 6
O For extra credit finish correctly the
Gulp, Gulp crossword puzzle on page
19. Project Digestive System
O Follow the direction on the hand out
and new power point slide. Is Due?
O Use your notes book and other
sources to complete the project.
20. Digestion System Assembly Line
Project outline
O Assemble line of the digestive system.
(40 points)
O ORGANS included in this project: salvia,
teeth, tongue, stomach, small intestine, villus,
large intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas,
and anus.
O Traveling paper (55 points)
O Describe, in detail (one to two pages), what
happens to food and water as they travel
through the digestive system.
O Include the source of your information;
title and which pages you used (5 points).